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Learn 7 Cleaning Hacks You Can Try This Weekend at Home

You can find dozens of unexpected cleaning solutions at your home. It might be lying just next to you which you may not be aware of. There are actually many items at home that can be used for home cleaning. We have already learned vinegar and baking soda uses as cleaning hacks. You may check out the creative uses of vinegar and baking soda articles on our website. We also have an article on what are the things that you should not clean with vinegar. But, do you know any other cleaning hacking using the products readily available at your home? Here are 7 cleaning hacks that you may try this weekend.

Cleaning Hack 1 – Lemon

Clean your home with lemon cleaning hacks.

Lemon is something that every kitchen has. There are several benefits of lemon not only for the body but for house cleaning as well. Do you know that lemon can make your microwave sparkling clean? You just need to squeeze a lemon juice and microwave it to remove the strong food smells and oil stains in the microwave. The lemon can also be used to clean items like a blender, cutting boards, and more. It acts as a multi-purpose cleaner and has a great smell. The lemon is also used for plastic container deodorizing and for polishing copper items.

Cleaning Hack 2 – Tooth Paste

Do you think the toothpaste can only clean your mouth and teeth? Then, you are mistaken. It can help in cleaning your home as well. If you have a naughty kid at home who loves to draw with crayons on the wall, then the toothpaste can definitely come to your wall’s rescue. It can help to get rid of the stubborn crayon marks on the wall. You may use toothpaste as stain remover from the carpet. From being a good cleaner for containers, baby bottles, and piano keys to removing the marks on your leather item, toothpaste can work wonders. Removing the watermarks from the furniture and freshening up the interior of your car is also easy with the toothpaste.

Cleaning Hack 3 – Vodka

Vodka can help in cleaning your house.

This is one of the best cleaning hacks which can be used the least and yet get results. Do you have a few drops of vodka left in the bottle from the last night’s party? Great!!! It can be used to create your signature fragrance and refresh the smell of your room. Just use a few drops of vodka to your much-loved essential oils and see the magic. You may also mix a few drops of vodka to the mineral and essential oil and mix it with water to create a diffuser. Make deodorizer with vodka and spray on the mattress. To make it, add a few ounces of vodka into the spray bottle and use.

Cleaning Hack 4 – Coconut Oil

The cleaning hacks using coconut oil are many. With the use of the coconut oil, you can protect your garden tools from sticky dirt. Other uses of coconut oil include furniture polishing, leather moisturizing, shower, and bathtub cleaning, and more.

Cleaning Hack 5 – Salt

Salt is a great ingredient for home cleaning.

A few of the very commonly used cleaning hacks you can try this weekend involve salt. It has been in all homes for ages. The spills from ovens, burners, pans, and pots are common while cooking. The salt helps in removing such mess easily. The wine stains can also be removed with the help of salt. The foul smell in the refrigerator can vanish with the use of salt.

Cleaning Hack 6 – Hairspray

A hairspray is definitely a great thing to keep your hair in place and set it. But it may also help to extend the lives of things by preserving. For instance, flowers, drapes, some artworks, etc. can be preserved with the help of hairspray. The ink marks from the clothes can be removed with hairspray.

Cleaning Hack 7 – Dish Soap

Do you think the dish soap only cleans your dishes? Then, think again because the dishwashing soap can also be used for cleaning floors, baseboards, countertops, window blinds, kitchen appliances and cabinets, glasses, and more. It can also be used for removing the oil stains from your clothes.


Apart from these useful cleaning hacks, you may also clean your home by de-cluttering and removing the unwanted things from your home. When your home is cluttered, no matter how much you clean, it looks disorganized. So, use the cleaning hacks as well as clean the mess to make your home perfectly clean.


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