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5 Creative Vinegar House Cleaning and Sanitization Methods

Keeping your home clean must be the top priority for the health and hygiene of your loved ones. The natural remedies of getting rid of the dirt and stains from the nooks and corners of your house are the best ones. They are environment-friendly as well as safe from the damage of any kind of chemicals. One such natural and a creative watchword is vinegar house cleaning remedy.

It is not only effective but also non-toxic, which make vinegar one of the best possible ways for cleaning. Vinegar is an all-purpose cleaner, herbicide, brightener, and more. To unleash the power of vinegar house cleaning, check out some tips below and try it yourself. It can make your life much easier and cheaper. Here are 5 creative vinegar house cleaning remedies.

Vinegar as Bathroom Cleaner

clean bathroom
A magically clean bathroom using vinegar.

This sounds quite amusing. Right? Cleaning the bathroom with a food product is naturally unthinkable. But, before you think twice give vinegar house cleaning a try. The sink and tub areas are the most infected corners of the bathroom with layers of mineral deposit. Spraying vinegar in full strength around the tub and sink areas and then, wiping and scrubbing the corners with a damp clean cloth can kill the germs and remove the mineral deposit instantly. Diluted white distilled vinegar works great when sprayed and kept overnight and then cleaned and flushed. This makes your bathroom smell good as well as stain and germ-free.

Mirrors and Glasstop Cleaning Using Vinegar

Having a streak-free shine on the glass surfaces can enhance the beauty of your house. Whether a glass top table or the mirror and cabinet glass, the value is doubled if these reflective surfaces are spotless with their shine intact as new. One part of vinegar and one part of water solution can act as great vinegar house cleaning product for glass surfaces.

Vinegar House Cleaning and Sanitization of Waste Bins

trash bin cleaning
Clean trash bins using vinegar home cleaning methods.

Which part of your home do you think stinks the most? The disposal garbage bin. Right? Just rinsing the bin is not enough to get rid of the foul odor. After rinsing the trash bin with the water, pour a mixture of white vinegar with warm water to scrub the inner part of the bin with a long-handled brush. This must be followed by another rinse off and finally dry. This vinegar house cleaning method can save your house from the foul stink of the garbage bins.

Drive the Pests Away with Vinegar House Cleaning

Pests are a major problem in every household. A long line of ants follow as soon as you drop off a little amount of food by mistake or the cockroaches making their hidden abode in your kitchen space is common in many places. Have you ever thought how can you get rid of the pests in the house? Vinegar can be of great help. Make a solution of water and vinegar in equal amounts and shake it well before spraying it in the areas like kitchen floor, crevices, porch, patio, etc.

Restore Wooden Flooring with Vinegar

Vinegar for wooden flooring cleaning
Crystal clean wooden flooring with vinegar house cleaning.

Any kind of floor stains can be removed with the help of vinegar house cleaning magical solutions but, it works most powerfully on the wooden floors. If your wooden flooring is too dirty and filthy, you may try a solution made of 1/8 cup of distilled white vinegar and the same quantity of mild plant-based liquid soap mixed with 1 gallon of water. In order to improve the fragrance of the solution, you can add around 9-10 drops of essential oil as per your preference. Wiping or mopping the wooden floors with this solution can bring in great results to keep your house flooring spic and span.


There are several such vinegar house cleaning methods to enhance the look and feel of your house. From furniture to utensils, rugs to clothes, vinegar is an essential ingredient not just for cooking but also a powerful item for house cleaning. Most importantly, vinegar is environment-friendly, which makes it safe for use in all areas. SPIC AND SPAN. is one of the best cleaning professionals in town that you may consider for your house cleaning requirements.

We promote and use all kinds of environment-friendly products like vinegar house cleaning and office cleaning. Our staff cleaners are professional, experienced, and most importantly, trustworthy to take care of all your cleaning requirements in safe and effective ways.


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