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One-Time Home Cleaning

Prima Reinigung. - One-time cleaning service for your house or apartment.

Reliable cleaning service

Prima Reinigung is a reliable, on-demand cleaning service. Background-checked cleaners will bring the charm to your apartment in just a few hours. One-time cleaning is a great choice if your place did not have a regular cleaning service so far. In addition to a standard cleaning service, you can request additional services such as limescale removal. Cleaning equipment (mop, vacuum, and cleaning solvents) can be provided at a small additional fee.

Background-checked cleaners

Before ordering home cleaning services for the first time many people are concerned with letting a stranger which they have never seen before to their house. To offer cleaning services using SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning platform, each cleaner is required to provide us with a proof of business registration in Germany, as well as a police check. We work exclusively with the best, legally-registered cleaners in Germany and perform quality assurance checks after each cleaning, making sure that the quality of the cleaning services is always outstanding.

One-off cleaning service

Some people prefer to clean their homes regularly on their own, but at times they need an occasional cleaning service for their house or apartment. Our Prima Reinigung cleaning service is a great choice for such customers. Choosing Prima Reinigung, you are fully in charge of when you order a cleaning service, without a need to sign a long-term contract. If you would like to maintain the cleanliness later on, you can check the regular home cleaning service.

Bestselling home cleaning service

Prima Reinigung is our best-selling cleaning offer. It is a reliable cleaning service for your house or apartment. Great choice if you are looking for a one-time cleaning service without the need to book multiple cleaning appointments up front. For many customers, a first-time cleaning with Prima Reinigung is also a way to test our service before signing up for a regular cleaning plan with.


When to order Prima Reinigung?

  • You are ordering a cleaning service for the first time
  • You need a cleaning help for your Airbnb
  • You want to book a one-time cleaning service
  • You need an occasional cleaning help for your house or apartment
  • You want to try a cleaning service before signing up for a regular cleaning plan

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