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Deep Home Cleaning Service

The most thorough, deep cleaning service for your house or apartment.

Premium house cleaning

Deep Cleaning is a concierge-like premium cleaning service. Every Deep Cleaning thorough cleaning appointment can be customized the way you want. Together with our world-class English & German speaking 24/7 customer support, you can craft a perfect cleaning experience for your house or apartment. No cleaning request is too extravagant for us. Just tell us what you need and SPIC AND SPAN. cleaning experts will get the job done.

Focus on allergy triggers

Deep Cleaning was designed to focus on the smallest details - things not easily visible with the naked eye. Many common allergy triggers such as dust mites, and proteins released by cats or dogs can be eliminated with a proper deep cleaning routine. SPIC AND SPAN. Deep Cleaning offer is a great choice for people willing to take the first bold step in alleviating their allergy or asthma symptoms, by reducing the amount of common allergy triggers in their houses or apartments.

Ultimate deep cleaning

Deep Cleaning is the most thorough cleaning service available. You have the access to the wides variety of special request, which are all included in the hourly rate. Top rated cleaners perform a deep cleaning of your house or apartment, followed by the additional cleaning of the areas, which are sometimes not possible to cover during a basic cleaning service. All of the special requests specified by you in the order form or during the phone consultation are shared with SPIC AND SPAN. cleaners to make sure that the cleaning service exactly matches your requirements.

A word from Spic And Span.TEAM

Deep Cleaning is our premium cleaning offer. It was designed to mimic the cleaning routine of those suffering from allergies and asthma - people who need to keep their homes in pristine condition at all times. In addition to a deep cleaning service, we focus on eliminating the allergy and asthma triggers such as dust mites from your living environment. We also make sure to use environmentally-friendly and hypo-allergic cleaning solvents.


When to order Deep Cleaning?

  • You need help in eliminating common allergy triggers from your home
  • You want a concierge-like, premium cleaning service
  • You need the most thorough, deep cleaning service available
  • You want to start a regular cleaning routine with the particularly deep cleaning service

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