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Align with us and get an access to our technology. Let's grow and scale together in Canada!

Our Brand

Align with us and replicate our successful business model in your local market. Get the opportunity to operate under the well-established and recognizable brand. Become a part of the innovative marketplace platform using the cutting-edge techonologies (e.g. AI).

Our Vision

We started in August 2016 in Berlin. Currently, our online marketplace platform software matches the best cleaning providers with clients across Germany as well as in Poland, Luxembourg, and France. Our main objective is to bring excellent services to clients around the globe with the help of our innovative IT solutions.


Canada is a vast market with a great potential. It is why we are thrilled to start our expansion outside Europe right here. What is interesting, SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning launched in Germany, developed so fast mostly thanks to American and Canadian clients.

A word from the Spic And Span.CO-FOUNDER

With Germany serving as a role model for SPIC AND SPAN. globally, we would like to see all our partners replicating company's success in their countries and flourishing. It is crucial that all SPIC AND SPAN. partners have and follow the same, clear vision. Naturally, we provide them with all rights to use our trademark, in-house built techonolgy (e.g. marketplace platform, AI solutions), and give them guidelines to follow. Yet, apart from that, they are given a lot of freedom. Technically, they are completely separate entities operating within structures of the SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Network. It allows us to grow and scale globally but think locally at the same time and that is the key to our success.


What are the benefits of partnering up with SPIC AND SPAN.?

  • Well-known and respected brand
  • Automized marketplace platform
  • Innovative IT solutions
  • Proven and successful business model
  • Technical support
  • Access to our Know-how


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