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Learn 4 Good Reasons Why You Should Bike To Work

The air-loaded traffic fumes, especially during the work hours can make your city a living hell. Apart from the health risks and a big pocket pinch on the fuel, the environment is also affected drastically when you drive to work. Have you ever considered biking to work? You may ask why should you bike to work when you have a car. In Germany, people generally follow the traffic rules and there is no such crazy traffic. So, biking is considered the one of the safest and an environment-friendly option that you should pick while going to work. It also offers several other benefits. In this article, let’s check out some of the best reasons why should you bike to work.

Maintain a Fitness Regime - Why Should You Bike to Work

biking to work
Biking to work is fun.

You must have doubts, why should you bike to work which may take you longer to reach your office. True, it might take you a little longer to reach your destination. But, by biking to work, you can maintain a daily fitness regime which is often missing from your life due to the heavy workload. An inclusion of a fitness routine in your lifestyle can help you in burning several calories. Although the amount of calories you lose depends on the topography and your speed, biking to work is a good and safe exercise to keep you healthy and fit. A daily biking to work lowers the blood pressure level, improves aerobic and cardiovascular fitness, builds muscle, increases your energy level, and develops your coordination skill.

Why Should You Bike to Work – Less Absenteeism More Work Productivity

A group of bikers on the road.

A study has revealed that the people who commute on a bike to office are less likely to fall sick. When the employees are fit and fine, the work productivity is automatically increased. The workers have more enthusiasm and energy to work. The employers make a good amount of loss from absenteeism of the employees. A report in American Bicyclist states that even if 1% of the employees out of the assumed 7.1 million starts commuting office by bike, around $34 million (approx) of the lost productivity can be saved by the employers.

Contribute to the Environment - Why Should You Bike to Work

healthy habit of biking
Biking to work is a good and healthy habit.

It helps to save your environment and this reason is good enough to seriously consider biking to work. There shouldn't be any doubts about why should you bike to work. The four-wheelers produce around, 97 pounds pollution per year per mile, whereas, the bike produces none. When you bike to work, it also reduces household emissions by minimum of 6%. The bikes use no fuel and require no motor oil or toxic batteries. The bikes help in cutting down the vehicles on road and thus, the traffic congestions and the requirement for petroleum. When you ride a bike to the office, our environment is saved as the harmful toxic and gas emissions, does not pollute the fresh air in the atmosphere around you. Riding your bike to the office can also help in reducing noise pollution. Indirectly, you contribute towards the environment by biking to work and doing your bit.

Bikes Truly Add to Your Convenience

Many people often complain that a bike is inconvenient. But, do you think there can be any greater inconvenience than spending 10-15 minutes, searching for a parking space every day? Furthermore, what if you get stuck in a bad traffic while going to work? Points to consider seriously, isn’t it? So, why should you bike to work? It is because the bike is convenient to park or go around. You can even lock it to the nearest pole and walk away (though make sure is well locked!). When you bike to your work, you never get stuck in the traffic jams. You are not inclined to get into any typical transportation delays of public transport or driving when you commute on a bike to the office.


When you have the best option to travel that make your commute to work easier, faster, and also fun, happy, and healthy, then why to look for something else? Just bike to work and make the most of your day without wasting any time.


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