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Why Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Salt Stains and How to Prevent Them

When the ice and snowfall begins, the environment looks beautiful, no doubt about it. But, it becomes a major headache for the businesses. When there’s snow all around, you would definitely wish for your customers to stay safe on your office sidewalks. Therefore, ice melt and rock salt become super important to get rid of the ice and snow. Although you are relieved to get rid of the snow, salt stains become a major concern. Your business lobbies and entryway carpets are filled with the salt stains overnight. Efforts to stop those salt stains seem to be in vain, and at times endeavors of getting the stains out yourself may result in more damage permanently. What is the reason behind such salt stains and how commercial carpet cleaning can help to prevent it?

You may check the article on how to remove stains from the carpet on our website but commercial carpet cleaning for salt stains needs special attention. Let’s delve deeper into salt stains on commercial carpet topic.

snow particles
The fine snow particles.

The Causes of Salt Stains that Leads to Commercial Carpet Cleaning

There are various types of product for melting snow and ice during winters, rock salt being one. It contains a range of chemicals that include magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate, and sodium chloride. Although these are considered as acidic harsh chemicals, such products are highly alkaline. When the moisture in snow and ice evaporates, a chalky white residue is left behind due to such harsh chemicals. It is when you try to treat the area with any traditional stain removal cleaner and the problem becomes worse.

The traditional stain cleaners are also highly alkaline with high pH levels. When the already alkaline saturated area is exposed to more alkaline chemicals, it does not help in neutralizing and instead turns worse. When you keep adding stain removal cleaner, the salt blends with the molecules and reinforce its bond with the carpet threads. You may feel that the area got rid of the salt but as it keeps drying, you can witness the ugly white stains on the carpet.

Prevention Tips for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

snowy morning
A beautiful view of the snowy morning from the house.

You must be proactive in order to prevent the salt stains on the carpet. Here are some of the steps that you may consider for the preventing the salt stains.

  • Try cleaning the snow from the lobbies and entryways as frequently as possible. It will help in reducing the moisture carried into your space and also the use of the snow melting products.
  • Vacuuming the carpets quite often can avert the dirt and salt from deep-sitting on the carpet. Such grime is awfully coarse in texture. When it is continuously pressed by the foot traffic, the carpet fibers get damaged permanently and leave them tattered and tangled.
  • Let your workspace remain clean by arranging for the shoe changing area or trays and racks for leaving the boots prior to stepping on the carpet.
  • Let your guests tramp their feet on the doormats before entering the carpeted space. Ensure there are mats on the entryways and the doorways.
  • Try encouraging the guests and the employees to wipe their feet by hanging a signboard.
  • Use of commercial floor mats and runners in the heavy traffic rooms can be a good option too.
  • Hire commercial carpet cleaning service to give a protective layer to your commercial carpets.

Cleaning Tips for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

clean carpet
The clean carpet before salt stains.

Never use the traditional stain removing cleaners for salt stains on commercial carpet cleaning.

You may try the steam cleaners that are high powered cleaning solution with least pH like vinegar solution.

Professional commercial carpet cleaning services are the ideal ones for this kind of work as they have the knowledge and know-how of the advanced techniques for commercial carpet cleaning.


Reaching out to the experts for commercial carpet cleaning services for salt stains is the wisest decision of all. Also, try out the preventive measures that can help in keeping your commercial carpets clean even during the winter snow.


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