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What are the Paper Towel Alternatives for Leading a Sustainable Life?

Today, people are keenly searching for various ways to lead a sustainable and green life. Are you also one amongst them? Then, the first and foremost way to go green is to start from your own day to day activities. The paper towels are one of the most used objects that definitely are convenient but they are not at all eco-friendly. A report shows that every year over 6 million pounds of paper towels are thrown in the landfills. Do you want to save your environment and money? Ditch the paper towels and replace them with economical and sustainable options. It can help you to save your environment to a great extent. For reducing your carbon footprint and leading a sustainable lifestyle, here are a few paper towel alternatives for cleaning.

Microfiber Cloths – One of the Greatest Paper Towel Alternatives

Clean the surfaces with microfiber cloths.

When there are food spills or messes, instead of cleaning the countertops or other areas with paper towels, opt for the microfiber cloths. It is a great way to clean the stained and spilled areas. Microfiber cloths are affordable and easily available in online stores and local shops. You may also check one of the articles on the benefits of microfiber cleaning products on our blog.

Bamboo Towels – Equally Good and New Paper Towel Alternatives

One of the newest and best paper towel alternatives in the market are bamboo paper towels. These look exactly like the disposable plain paper towels but bamboo paper towels are highly durable and can be washed and reused and washed up to 100 times. Like its counterparts, the bamboo towels are also available in rolls.

Cotton Napkins

Cotton napkins are a good alternative for paper towels.

Whether you want to wipe down a small mess or need a lap protection cover during dinner, the cotton napkins are one of the best paper towel alternatives for regular use. These cotton napkins have multipurpose uses and a good one for guests.

Unpaper Towels

What are unpaper towels? These are quite similar to the plain paper towels where a chain of towels are laced together and wrapped around the tube. They are available in various styles and colors and can be handmade easily. From drying hand to wiping the spills, the unpaper towels can be used for all. Wash these towels in the machine and reuse it.

Reusable Beeswax Wrap

The beeswax wrap is a great paper towel alternative to store fresh cheese, lemons, avocado halves, different kinds of herbs, and more. It is often compared to the cling wraps and a great way to store food and keep it fresh. The beeswax wraps are not exposed to harmful pesticides as they are usually made of organic cotton. In order to clean it, hand wash with alcohol-free soap and cold water and hang it to dry.

Pop-up Sponges

Replace the paper towels with pop-up sponges in order to clean and wipe the dirty countertops and greasy pans. They are porous in the structure that can easily soak the spills up. Some of them also have scouring pads attached to it.  Keeping an assortment of the pop-up sponges comes in handy for cleaning and wiping. It hardly takes any space and is durable.

Chambray Napkins

If you are looking for an upscale version of microfiber cloth, the linen chambray napkins can be the most ideal one. Although it may not work for big spills, if you have guests coming over, the chambray napkins can work wonders. Being a sustainable option, it gives you good value for money.

Cotton and Linen Covers for Bowl

Paper towel alternatives in kitchen space.

Keep the plastics and papers away from your home by turning to the cotton and linen reusable covers for bowls. They fit the bowl or pot size as such covers come with stretchy elastic. To protect the leftovers, cover the bowls with the linen and cotton covers. These are much more effective than any paper towels.


Apart from the above list of options, there are several other paper towel alternatives like a cloth diaper, huck towels, newspapers, and more to make your environment safe and sustainable. Opt for the right paper towel alternatives and maintain a green life.

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