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The ultimate resource list for expats living in Germany

It is hard to know everything as an expat and often useful links/blog posts/websites/YouTube channels get lost and so we thought that a systemized list of best resources we found from our personal experience would benefit someone.
Below are different categories of lists you can use to get started on moving to a new country or find locals whom you can talk to, ask questions or who knows maybe even make lifetime friends. You can save this list to your bookmarks and come here as often as you need. If you have any other suggestions for what we should have here, please feel free to comment down below.


Whether you are a student, worker or entrepreneur we picked the best blogs to help you understand better German culture, get insider tips and tricks from experienced expats and learn a couple of interesting and useful words. In those blogs you can find info from how to pay taxes, get visas and work permits to finding local flea markets, clubs, events and much more than that.

Communities and Forum

One good source for asking questions and looking at already answered ones are forums. Although the same thing applies to Facebook groups, you often will see that people on forums are more dedicated. Even though sometimes you might find yourself looking at political debates, it is still worth it. Besides getting advice, you can find people to network with, learn the German language and make new friends.

Facebook Groups

Another type of beast is Facebook groups with their advantages and disadvantages. Compared to forums, usually, you get the answer faster as people are more engaged on Facebook, although often the first answers you get come for trolls looking to get some drama, there are still good people willing to help. One more advantage to Facebook groups is that info is very accessible, you can tap a couple of times on your screen and you already are in the group. Another thing is you can add people to your friends with ease, the thing you cannot say about forums.

Rental Search

I think you will agree that finding a “good rent” can be quite difficult and oftentimes you find yourself scrolling through endless listings on different websites and Facebook groups. However, it is not that hard when you know what are you looking for and have the right resources. In the list below, you can find all types of rental companies and groups, which might help you in with finding private apartments, shared accommodation and a temporary one. Look and decide for yourself which ones suit you best.


Meetup.com is a platform that contains elements from all the above-mentioned categories. You can meet new people, learn new things, find support and get out of your comfort zone. You can access different types of groups depending on your hobbies and interests, besides that, you can use it for career growth and acquiring new skills by attending relevant local events and workshops. In the list we included the expat groups for maximum relevancy and to keep it short.






Finding a job as an expat is hard and the offer for sure is less for English-speaking only individuals. In the list you can find thousands of English-speaking jobs across several industries depending on your qualification. The best approach is to make a nice CV and really take your time in making it perfect for maximum results, then start creating accounts and submitting your CV to the desired job posts.


This list is mainly if you are already in Germany for some time or even if you are new and just like reading news. We have made a list of German news websites in English, although the list doesn’t comply only local news which means you can find some click-bait articles, the most ones that are relevant and objective. You can find information on topics like politics, business, local events, gossip, sports and whatever a usual news publisher will have in every country.

YouTube Channels

Another type of easily digestible content are videos and which platform provides the best video content if not YouTube. Below are some YouTubers you can follow and get fresh content on their experience living in Germany as an expat. The best is part is that experiences are different based on personality and nation they come from.


To wrap it up, by now you already need to be reading articles from several bloggers, joined some of Facebook groups and started following YouTubers for quality content. Besides using online resources, you can get used to the country more by purchasing local newspapers, trying to join a club depending on your type of interest, attend a language course or try learning language by engaging with locals. The idea is not to stop only on looking for resources online, but try utilizing all offline opportunities that are more efficient and fun at the same time. I wish you the best of luck in your expat journey.

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