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Top 7 Things That You Forget To Clean At Home Easily

People usually have the tendency to clean what they see and whatever is a part of their regular cleaning schedule. You can easily spot a pile of laundry or dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. You rarely forget about them during a regular cleanig routine. But, when you are done with your regular cleaning, can you be sure your home is really clean. A home may appear clean, but never mistake it for "spic and span" cleanliness. Below is a list of things that you may easily forget to clean at home.

Windowsills and Tracks

Window sills cleaning is important, but easily forgetten.

You can clearly see when your windows are dirty and clean them right away. But, the window tracks and windowsills are amongst the things that you forget to clean at home. Any dead bugs or loose dirt and grime must always be dusted away. You can use the right brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to blow the dust away. The white vinegar can be poured in a spray bottle and used in the affected area. Let it sit for some time and wipe it using paper towels or Q-tips.

Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers

The kitchen drawers and the cabinets are where you store your dishes, pots, pans, and food. The regularly used things are always cleaned. But the cabinets and drawers themselves often go unnoticed. It never crosses your mind that it is equally important to keep the area clean where you store food and dishes. If not every week, try to clean the cabinets and drawers once every two weeks. Remove all the items and completely wipe the area. Check for the expired food items and the dishes or pots which haven’t been used for long. Discard the unnecessary and expired things.


The wet and moist bath toys contain germs.

One of the perfect habitats places for mold is your child’s rubber ducky. It is very important to take proper action to keep the mold away from any of the bath toys with which your child loves to play. If your kids have a big bin of plastic toys and dolls, find time to sort them out and clean each of the toys before putting them back.

TV and Computer Screens 

Although both TV and computers are regularly used items, you ignore cleaning them. Before cleaning the electronics, switch them off and let them cool down. Use a soft cloth to wipe the loose dirt away. Blend in equal parts of isopropyl alcohol and water, dampen the cloth in the solution and wipe the screen. Finally, dry the screen with another clean and soft cloth.

Door Knobs / Drawer Handles

From morning till night, how many times do you open the doors or the drawers and cabinets in the house? There may be a few that you use and some that remain untouched. It is very important to clean such things.


Keys tend to attract germs and virus.

Have you ever thought of cleaning the keys? This is one of the daily used things that you forget to clean at home. Isn’t it? In order to prevent rust and keep the keys clean, scrub salt with lemon and rinse off with dish soap. It can be of great help. You can also use water and vinegar solution if the keys are already rusty.

Shower Curtain

Mildew stains and soap scum can haunt your shower curtains. Ensure to keep your bathroom dry and clean the shower curtains at regular intervals.


There are several other things that you forget to clean at home like the card in your wallet, patio furniture, pillows and cushions, and much more. Keep a note and try to clean at least once a while to avoid harmful germs and bacteria at home.


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