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Tips for Shoe Organization to Keep them in Great Condition

Shoes can be quite hard to store at home. There are only a few lucky ones who have a dreamy walk-in spacious closet to store every pair of shoes they own. Have you ever counted how many pair of shoes you own or realize it only at the time of the shoe organization process? At times, you may have more shoes than space at home. So, the space beneath your bedroom closet becomes the shoe store for you with a heap of running sandals, shoes, flats and more. Check how to work on the shoe organization ideas to free up space underneath the bedroom closet.

Shoe Organization by Downsizing Shoe Inventory

To organize anything, first, you sometimes need to simply downsize it. When you are organizing your shoes, it is important to line up each and every pair and separate the shoes that you wish to discard or don’t plan to wear in the near future. While organizing shoes, you can discard the smelly ones, the ones with soles that flap or the uncomfortable and painful flats. You may donate the shoes that you don’t wish to wear and that are not in use. If the shoes that you don’t wear are really expensive, you may sell the pair online. When you downsize the number of shoes, more space is automatically created.

Shoe Organization Using Hanging Shoe Organizer

Hanging organizer for keeping your shoes in an organized way.

It is better if you can keep the shoes far from the ground. When you hang the shoes, they remain in great condition as well as the dirt under the shoes is not carried into your home, making the floors muddy. Using a hanging shoe organizer can be a great idea to keep the shoes far from the floor. There are several kinds of hanging shoe organization tools. From canvas cubbies that can fit effortlessly at the side of your clothes to the pockets that can be fastened inside the closet door. Are you worried about your boots that are not only difficult to store but also topple and lose the shape? Do not worry because there are hanging shoe organizers for boots as well.

Shoe Organization with Shoe Racks

The shoe racks are a great way to organize your shoes. You can find several styles of shoe racks to choose from. In the standard racks, the shoes can be stored vertically. They have narrow racks that can be twisted and it can be attached to the doors of your closet. The wheel style shoe racks are also a fun way to hold up to 30 shoe pairs. When you place a shoe rack right at the entrance of your house, it can be used to keep the mostly and frequently used shoes like running shoes, school shoes, flip flops, etc. It will keep the floors inside your home clutter-free.

Shoe Organization by Installing Shelves

Young woman picking court shoes in the cabinet.

For show organization, shelving is one of the best ways to maximize space.  It can greatly create a difference when it comes to shoe organization. Installing shelves is not a very difficult task. You can install shelves for organizing shoes and utilize a lot of space that is usually wasted. It can be installed on the sides of your closet or under the clothes hanging.  If you stay in a rented apartment, installing shelves might not be allowed. In such cases, you may organize your shoes in a small bookshelf.

Shoes Organization in their Own Boxes

Shoe boxes protect your shoes and keep it well-organized.

Usually, people throw away the shoe boxes but, what they fail to realize is that these boxes are a great way to store the shoes when they are not in use. You can store the shoes in these boxes and keep it in one of the unused closet shelves. If there are too many such boxes, you may label it or click images of each shoe pairs to attach it to their boxes. It enables you to recognize the box at the earliest. If you do not wish to keep your shoes in the cardboard box, you may also opt for the transparent boxes that are specially designed to keep your shoes. Your footwear can also be organized in the bookshelves, so, have one.


Are you ready to take up the challenge now that you know the shoe organization tips? Keep your shoes perfectly in place without cluttering the space inside your home by using some of the above ideas to organize the shoes.

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