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Tips for Leather Sofa Cleaning – A Cleaning Guide to Your Couch

The leather sofa is an investment for a lifetime. Although the leather couches can be awfully costly, their prolonged existence far balances or compensates the price. It is definitely an elegant addition to your room and also a comfortable luxury. Leather sofas can age pretty well if you can maintain their elegance. For ensuring the longevity of your leather sofa, taking the right care becomes vital. How to take proper care of your leather couch? Do you know leather sofa cleaning procedures? Here are some of the easy ways to keep your leather sofa perfectly clean and in great condition for years.

Vacuuming the Dirt and Grime Essential for Leather Sofa Cleaning

Two leather sofas kept side by side.

Whether you have kids at home or not, leather sofa cleaning is an essential part of your regular tasks. Often people think only the kids at home can make a house dirty, but this opinion is completely wrong. Leather sofa attracts a lot of dust particles present in the floating air. So, vacuuming the creases and folds from the sofa, using the vacuum hand tool is the most important thing to do for leather sofa cleaning.

Brush of the Dust From the Leather Sofa

Attach the soft brush attachment to your vacuum hand tool and run the brush over the leather couch using the soft bristles of the brush. Using a brush ensures you do not scratch the leather of your couch.

Use of Microfiber Cloth for Leather Sofa Cleaning

For dusting the surface of the sofa, a microfiber cloth must be used. Before further scrubbing or cleaning of leather sofa, ensure no dust and grime is present as it can scratch the leather of your couch.

Routine Leather Sofa Cleaning with Homemade Solution

Homemade, natural solutions are the best for leather sofa cleaning. To make the solution, mix an equal amount of white vinegar and distilled water. Adding tap water can have chemicals and impurities so the use of distilled water is always advisable. You may also use commercial cleaner for leather but read the label prior to using it. Then, take a clean cloth and use the solution. Make sure it is not drenched as the excess water solution can spoil your leather sofa.

Now, wring the cloth and start scrubbing your leather sofa in small sections and wipe the wet part with a dry cloth, and move to the next section. Keep damping the cloth, wringing, and scrubbing the leather and finally wiping every section.

Removal of Stains from the Leather Sofa

black leather sofa
A black color leather sofa for living room.

Apart from regular leather sofa cleaning, at times you may be worried about the stains. Grease stains are common that can be due to oily hair, food or some beauty products. The tea or coffee spills can also leave stains on your leather sofa. Whenever you spot such stains on your leather sofa, use the cleaning solution to scrub and wipe it. But, if it still persists, sprinkle cornstarch or baking soda, let it sit for long hours and finally brush the residue away.  For any ink stains, you may use an alcohol-dipped cotton ball and blot the ink stain immediately. Now, take a damp cloth, scrub it, and finally dry it with a clean rag.

Conditioning, an Important part of Leather Sofa Cleaning

clean sofa
A well-cleaned leather sofa increase longevity.

The first thing that you should not use for conditioning is olive oil as it can damage the leather. So, make a solution using 10-15 drops of tea tree oil or lemon, mixing it in 2 cups of white vinegar. Now, stir the mixture and wet a corner of a clean cloth with this solution. Then, gently use the wet cloth for leather sofa cleaning in a circular motion and let the solution dry on the leather throughout the night. On the next day, buff the sofa’s leather to bring back the shine. Remember to buff it in a circular motion. This process can be used in an interval of six to twelve months for keeping the leather shiny and soft.


As your home needs cleaning on a daily basis, like your bathroom, kitchen, other decorative pieces need cleaning, leather sofa cleaning is also equally important. There are various home cleaning articles like 15-minutes living room cleaning routine, how to engage children in home cleaning and more. Any huge investment needs a proper care routine. Like your home, your leather sofa also needs proper care and cleaning. Ensure a proper leather sofa cleaning routine from today.


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