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3 Things You Shouldn't Do in the Evening to Avoid Waking up Tired Again

Do you wake up feeling exhausted, in spite of sleeping early every evening? Nothing is worse than waking up to feel further sleepy. Are you wondering why do you face such exhaustion early in the morning? The amount of sleep you get is vital for feeling well-rested. But, feeling tired in the morning even after a long sleep can be due to a range of varied other factors. It is possible that you are picking up on some of the practices that are killing your energy. Going to bed before prior to midnight is definitely one of the best things to do but you must also pay attention to some of your regular habits that can disturb your levels of energy when you wake up in the morning. Let’s learn 3 things you shouldn’t do in the evening to help you wake up fresh without any signs of tiredness in the morning.

Things You Shouldn’t Do In The Evening - Keep the Gadgets Away Before Going To Bed

avoid gadgets
Keep away from the gadgets at least 1 hour before you are off to bed.

Inviting any kind of gadgets to your bed can rob you of your sleep. Whether television or mobile phones, video games or any other electronic item, staring continuously at the screen can help in keeping you awake for a long time. Thus, you end up feeling tired when you wake up. According to a report in WebMD, the lights emitted out of the electronic gadgets can disrupt the level of melatonin in the body. Power off the gadgets 1 hour before you go to sleep.

Texting, checking emails, watching T.V., social media participation or just simply browsing the Internet, these gadgets stimulates your mind that keeps you awake and makes you feel tired. Sticking to such gadgets is one of the major things you shouldn’t do in the evening. Keep it away at least 1 hour before going to bed.

Avoid Caffeine After 5 p.m. in the Evening

avoid caffeine

Caffeine is not good for your health.Indulging in tea, coffee, cold beverages, or anything that contains caffeine is good only till a certain time. After 5 p.m. in the evening, drinking caffeine can reduce both quantity and quality of your sleep. Often caffeine intake becomes a habit without which working becomes very difficult. You need it throughout the day to get going. But, intake of caffeine after 5 pm have negative impacts.

Even maintaining a comprehensive bedroom cleaning checklist on a regular basis cannot help in getting a good sleep when your caffeine intake is high.  The hot chocolate drink is often a favorite amongst all ages but remember, it has caffeine too. Several studies reveal that the caffeine present in the drinks raises the energy and adrenaline levels. It helps in keeping you awake rather than make you doze off.

Never Drink Alcohol Before Going to Bed

a glass of drink
A glass of drink before bed cannot help you fall asleep.

It is believed that a glass of wine or alcohol can help you in getting a good sleep. But, according to the various surveys and studies, it is seen that drinking alcohol before going to bed makes it harder for you to fall asleep. It may definitely help you in falling asleep quickly and help you enjoy a deep sleep but other facets of rest are hampered to a great extent. It is definitely one of the noteworthy things you shouldn’t do in the evening. Alcohol also suppress your breathing which makes it difficult for you to complete your sleep.

Alcohol actually tricks you to think you will have a better sleep if you drink before going to bed. But, there’s a period when the sleep is most soothing called REM sleep which gets disturbed as the body starts metabolizing the alcohol. Reduced REM sleep leads to tiredness and lack of concentration.


There are several other factors like taking your work to bed, smoking, eating fatty foods, working out, etc. are the things you shouldn’t do in the evening before going to bed. Waking up afresh has its own charm. Your entire day depends on it. So, try to avoid the things mentioned above before you are off to sleep.


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