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Closer cooperation with Yelp to offer the best cleaning services in Germany

At SPIC AND SPAN., we continuously strive to provide unmatched cleaning services in Germany through our online platform. Right now, we have a new partner who can support us in our actions. We believe that we will be able to do far more for our clients through partnerships with global, well-known players.

We are happy to announce that SPIC AND SPAN. decided to strengthen its cooperation with Yelp.

Recently, one of our Co-Founders has attended the Yelp Business Connect Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. He discussed, among other things, further measures that need to be taken to make the cleaning industry more transparent in Germany. He emphasized the role of the German market where SPIC AND SPAN. started its operations. The standards of provided cleaning services in Germany must be exemplary.

Germany should serve as a role model for SPIC AND SPAN. entities all around the world. This is crucial nowadays as we have just signed license agreements with franchisees in Poland and the USA.

One of our main goals is to receive the impartial and unbiased feedback after each cleaning appointment conducted through SPIC AND SPAN. platform. We should make the end customers more aware of all options and opportunities they have out there. I am not talking only about Germans but also about all expats and foreigners who move to Germany and seek for reliable cleaning services. Those groups account currently for around 60% of our clientele. We observe such statistics not only in big cities like Berlin, Hamburg or Munich, but also in tiny villages where we are present as well. As of 2019, we can help you find a home cleaning service in Ramstein (Kaiserslautern) area, just to name one of a few examples.

YELP & SPIC AND SPAN. together at the conference, Phoenix Convention Center, downtown Phoenix
YELP & SPIC AND SPAN. together at the conference, Phoenix Convention Center, downtown Phoenix

A bit about Yelp

Yelp is a company based in San Francisco, California. It is an American corporation that operates globally. Through the company's website and mobile app, Yelp enables its users to publish reviews about local businesses and also give them ratings. The 1-star rating means the worst customer experience with a particular company whereas 5 stars are reserved for the best performing businesses. Moreover, Yelp users have an opportunity to do the online reservation, request a quote, chat with business owners, and look through photos posted by other users regarding the company or posted by company owners themselves. This way customers get 100% transparency over services they are looking for online.

SPIC AND SPAN. attending event for Yelp partners in Scottsdale, AZ.
SPIC AND SPAN. attending event for Yelp partners in Scottsdale, AZ.

Wind of change

While creating SPIC AND SPAN. we noticed that many cleaning services in Germany were not customer oriented at all. The average potential customer had to browse through tons of offers. There were still many pitfalls on the way. Every company claims that provide the best cleaning services at the lowest prices. The main problem was that nobody could verify it. A lot of foreigners moving to Germany had problems with finding a reliable, English-speaking cleaning lady or help (in German we usually use words such as Putzfrau, Putzhilfe, Reinigungskraft, etc.). Currently, thanks to Yelp, all people looking for cleaning services in Germany online are able to compare and review different options and choose the best fit for them based on unbiased opinions published by previous clients.

A couple of words on SPIC AND SPAN.

SPIC AND SPAN. was set up in 2016. Since the beginning, it was an online platform that matched cleaners providing impeccable cleaning services in Germany with their potential clients. We stared in Berlin and soon expanded into new markets such as Potsdam, Munich, Hamburg, etc. After almost a year we were able to operate in most of the major German cities. Our success story showed that there was really a great demand for what we did and we managed to skilfully fill the gap in the market. Now, we are trying to replicate our efforts to deliver the best, most convenient, and tailored-made cleaning services outside Germany. We have recently signed license agreements in Poland and the USA.

Yelp and SPIC AND SPAN. together at the Small Business Expo, Phoenix, AZ.
Yelp and SPIC AND SPAN. together at the Small Business Expo, Phoenix, AZ.

The key to our success

What was and still is the key to our success? The answer to this question is not that simple. We needed to select a perfect combination of ingredients to create the formula for a flourishing business. Here are some vital points we have been focusing on throughout the first year:

  • Experienced, vetted, and a multilingual staff (cleaning associates).
  • Friendly and competent customer support available 24/7.
  • An innovative approach towards a traditional industry (few know we use Artificial Intelligence to support e.g. the cleaning appointment assignment system).
  • A totally customer-oriented company (6 different packages to fit different needs, special requests available, the possibility of providing cleaning equipment, flexible schedule, no form of any required long-term commitment, incl. contracts or subscriptions).
  • Satisfaction guarantee policy.

Check our home cleaning offer.

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