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The 5 Benefits of Central Vacuum Systems for A Home Filled with Clean Air

Do you love to keep your house clean but vacuuming is a big headache for you? The central vacuum system can be a perfect addition to your abode. Having it installed in your home can have several benefits but often, people avoid it thinking of the expense. The portable vacuum moves 60-90cfm (cubic feet per minute) air whereas, the central vacuum system has an increased suction power of moving 185cfm of air that makes it more popular. People have a misconception that central vacuums can only be installed in a new home or while undergoing a major renovation. It is completely a wrong idea as the central vacuum requires just a hole which is covered with an inlet support plate. The pipes are generally taken through a basement, an attic, or a crawlspace. Check out some of the benefits of the central vacuum system.

The Noise is Minimal in Central Vacuum System

small less spacious home
Inviting ceiling and home in a small space.

The portable vacuums create a lot of noise. Whether you wish to watch television, read a book, sleep or talk over the phone, everything becomes impossible when the vacuum machine is switched on. As the motor of the central vacuum system is placed in the basement or the garage, the noise never disturbs you within your home space. The air flow and the vacuum head are the only noise that fills your home.

Ease of Usage with Central Vacuum System

Household chores are the most annoying part and none of us likes doing them. Arent' they? With the central vacuum system, your household tasks not only becomes easy but also painless. Now, carrying the standing vacuum or the weighty canister around can be avoided. You have the central vacuum that can help you reach even the hard to reach places with its range of accessories. It helps you to reach every nook and corner that none of the other vacuum cleaners could ever do. From the cob-web ceilings to the dust-laden corner at the back of the refrigerator, the central vacuum system effectively vacuums every single nook of your home efficiently.

Bid a Goodbye to Portable Vacuum Cleaners

Home with minimal decor yet classy.

The central vacuum is always better than the portable ones because there are no extension or power cords. With the central vacuums, you need not worry about recirculated dust particles aggravating your allergies. From large filter capacities to the longevity of the parts, the central vacuums are lightweight, easy to use, and cost-effective purchase for all. Most importantly, you need not carry the awkward and heavy portable vacuum all along.

Reduced Allergies Due to the Clean Air

It is a proven fact that the central vacuums effectively works to produce clean air which results in reduced allergies. A study reveals that the portable tool vacuums the recycled allergens and through exhausts, it is back in the air. Whereas, the central vacuum system extracts the dust, dirt, and debris deeply and channels out all to the main power in the garage or the basement. You may check one of our earlier articles on how to clean home by sticking to a routine. It can help you in keeping your house completely dust free.

The Versatility of the Central Vacuum System

fresh air in spacious home
Central vacuum system gives a breath of fresh air to your home.

Reaching any corner and any surface is now easy with the Central Vacuum System. The extensive range of accessories, long hoses, and a  variety of tools make your cleaning task easy and convenient. When the broom is used, dust stirs up making it very annoying and troublesome. The central vacuum also lets you clean the garage space and is considered more of a power tool.


To ensure a powerful and efficient cleaning at home, the central vacuum system is indeed a smart investment. You may use it for more than 10 years without any glitches and replacement.


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