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Umzüge Reinigung - guide to post renovation cleaning

There’s no denying that renovations are exciting - after all, your home gets a total makeover. However, as much as you’d like to go back to your daily life once they’re over, it’s also high time to tackle all the mess and do a thorough post renovation cleaning.

Whether your place just got a complete makeover or you decided to limit yourself to a couple of smaller renovation works, it’s more than likely that your home is in need of deep post construction cleaning. Renovations are notoriously tricky to clean up after, and neglecting that might cause a number of health hazards. Fine dust is bad for your respiratory system, paints might give off toxic fumes right after they’re applied, so a proper clean up should by no means be omitted.

SPIC AND SPAN. experts combined their experiences and did extensive research to present you the following guide to post construction cleaning.

Get rid of big piles of mess first

It’s very likely that there are large piles of debris and dust lying around, so get rid of them first. This it essential since big chunks of debris could damage your vacuum if they got into it - be safe and use a broom for that first cleaning step.

[caption id="attachment_954" align="alignnone" width="700"]Umzüge Reinigung - guide to post renovation cleaning There's a lot of dust around after renovation - try to clean it up first[/caption]

Clean the radiators, vents, and light fixtures

Post renovation dust will find its way everywhere, so don’t forget to dust and wipe radiators, vents, and other surfaces with a damp microfiber cloth.

[caption id="attachment_955" align="alignnone" width="700"]Umzüge Reinigung - guide to post renovation cleaning Even light bulbs will require dusting after renovation works[/caption]

Post renovation cleaning involves cleaning doors and windows

Thoroughly wipe down doors frames, door knobs, and every nook and cranny. Unless the windows have been splattered with paint by accident, a regular window cleaning routine should be enough.

Don’t forget about the walls

If your walls have been freshly painted, dusting them with a broom covered with a cloth should be enough, but in case not - it’s wise to wipe them down with a damp cloth. However, make sure that the paint is water-resistant.

[caption id="attachment_956" align="alignnone" width="700"]Umzüge Reinigung - guide to post renovation cleaning Once the walls are freshly painted, they'll also require less attention from you[/caption]

Vacuum and mop the floors

Probably every cleaning ends with vacuuming and mopping the floors, but post renovation cleaning requires a bit more attention. You can double your usual cleaning routine and vacuum your place twice (and mop the floors in between.) Renovations tend to create huge amounts of dirt and dust so one-time vacuuming is usually not enough since the floors tend to pick up all of that.

[caption id="attachment_957" align="alignnone" width="700"]Umzüge Reinigung - guide to post renovation cleaning Being able to finally relax in a newly renovated home is something worth looking forward to![/caption]

For professional moving out, moving in, post construction or post renovation cleaning services please check us today. We will take care of your home like it was our own, ensuring you come back to an impeccable clean environment.

A clean home makes your life easier and more pleasant. Making sure your home is squeaky clean after renovations will ensure it's safe and pleasant to live in. For more articles on cleaning recommendations from our experts please check our blog regularly.

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