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Painless decluttering of a house with Feng Shui rules

Your home should be a place where you feel safe and comfortable, where you can properly rest, sleep calmly and exist with harmony. That is why it is essential to maintain balanced and positive energy around your house. If you feel overwhelmed with having excessively too much stuff gathered throughout a lifetime, it is high time for decluttering! Clearing the interior of your house from redundant things will positively affect your self-feeling. It will improve your concentration and allow you to rest efficiently.  In order to effectively declutter your living space, you should apply an old, Chinese art of space organization, which is called Feng Shui.

What is Feng Shui?

According to Feng Shui rules keeping harmony and balance at your house will provide you good health and happiness

Feng Shui is an ancient philosophy which provides rules concerning planning and organizing space. The most important part of it is an energy called Qi, which harmonious flow affects our life balance and health. Getting rid of unnecessary stuff from our home is the first step to increase this life energy. The second would be to apply Feng Shui rules in interior design and decoration. There are plenty of guidelines on what should we remember about and what to avoid during arranging our living space. However, first of all we need to take care of decluttering, which usually is quite a tough process for us. We tend to be over-sentimental and we don’t like throwing away stuff, which according to us, can be still useful. As a matter of fact, we just store old, unused things until we can’t get through to the other side of a room.

How to start decluttering?

Cluttered room with useless stuff
A cluttered house is a source of bad energy flow and makes you feel unwell

The best way is to start today, right now. Simply take a trash bag, go around your house and put each and every, old, unnecessary thing, which you haven’t used for ages. If you haven’t used something for the last one year, it is most probably redundant. Especially if something is broken and you will not repair it right away, then throw it away. Things, which are still in good condition, but you don’t use them in daily life, give away to somebody or donate to charity. Believe me, you will find plenty of people around you, who cannot afford many basic things. In this way, you will not feel guilty with dumping still usable stuff. You can also ask yourself these kinds of questions: do I need this and this, would my life be worse if I didn’t have it, do I like this thing or do I have positive associations or memories connected to it, does this object satisfy my needs or help me to fulfill any goals? If you answer “No” to any of above given… you know what to do.

What are the next steps?

Decluttered and well-organized bedroom
Your bedroom should be a place where you can calm down, rest and sleep properly

As soon as you conduct the first, general decluttering and the energy can flow more freely, you can apply further Feng Shui guidelines and start organizing your living space. In each room, there should be only stuff which is connected with its function. For example, your bedroom is a place where you should rest, sleep and stay calm, therefore don’t place their TV, computer, exercise equipment or documents from your work. Moreover, go through your stuff under the bed, on and in shelves and especially in your closet. A kitchen is a place which symbolizes our health, hence, it is very important to maintain it neat and tidy. There you can find things which are useless, damaged vessels, mugs you don’t like, old cutleries and what’s the worst old, stale food at the back of your drawers. And last but not least, a bathroom, which is connected to water – an essential part of Feng Shui philosophy. Old cosmetics and cleaning agents, dust on shelves,  limescale in corners, water stains in the shower – all of these will hinder a proper energy flow.

At the end

Finally, a very important step is to tide up space around all of the doors, especially the front one. Move away from things like shoes or furniture, which block the door from opening easily. If you introduce some good changes to your house’s interior design it will also affect your life balance, relationship, your health, productiveness and other aspects of your well-being. Thus, it is really crucial to properly apply all rules of Feng Shui, so that to maintain a good energy flow. However, decluttering can appear to be a really tough process for you, in case you don’t like throwing out things and you prefer to store them just in case.

These are just some rules which you can follow while decluttering your house according to Feng Shui. More of them will present next week. Stay tuned!

Madga Darmas


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