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Old Vs. New Home Appliances - What To Buy When Moving Into A New Home

It would have been great if you could get a fully furnished apartment with all the amenities at every place. Unfortunately, in Germany, it is quite uncommon to find a furnished apartment or house for rent. When you move-in to an unfurnished apartment, you find yourself in a mess as the basic home appliances are not provided except a cooktop. A refrigerator, a dishwasher, a washing machine or a ventilation hood are the basic necessities in any home today. The absence of all such basic things makes people struggle with the decision of whether to buy the new home appliances or get the used old one. What do you think, which one is a better option? Let’s check out the old vs. new home appliances pros and cons in this article.

Price Negotiation - Old Vs. New Home Appliances

home appliances
An open kitchen and drawing room with selective home appliances.

While buying a new home appliance from any big box store, there’s a certain limitation on the price of selling the product. They might offer you a discount of 15-20% or any limited promotional offer. Such minimal discounts are what they usually offer when you plan to buy a new home appliance.

Whereas in old vs. new home appliances, when you plan to buy a used or old home appliance, the price negotiation is more flexible. Here, you deal with a person who might be open to more suggestions on price as he would also like to sell the product due to some reason or the other. Probably, they quoted more as they knew there would be negotiations on price, so they have no problem in settling with lesser price. It is also possible that you start to negotiate a much lower price and come to settle at a close price you already had in mind.

Warranty For Purchase of Old Vs. New Home Appliances

home appliance
The refrigerator is a vital home appliance and a must have.

When you think of old vs. new home appliances, you look for the most suitable option for purchase. Isn’t it? In case of purchasing new home appliances from a reputed store, there are many documentation processes that follow. You get an assurance with the big brand policy that within a specified time period if anything happens to the home appliance, it will be repaired or replaced free of cost.

But when you buy the used or old products, no warranty is given by the previous owner or the second’s store. If you are unlucky, the old home appliance might just work for a day or two and if you are lucky enough, it can go on for years. The home appliance like a glass top stove can be kept in a perfect condition if you know the right way of cleaning. You may check an article on how to retain the shine of a glass top stove on our website. You can never get any kind of warranties when you purchase a second-hand product. But, you may keep it in good condition once you buy an old yet a home appliance in good condition.

Old Products are Not Always Used 

The new home appliances are obviously brand new, straight out of the factory. But, at times, the old ones are not used much. If you are lucky, you might get new seconds product that is being sold as the owner is moving-in to some other location. It is also possible that there’s a slight dent or scratch, which can be overlooked. You are lucky enough to get such sellers.

Finding the Perfect Match in Old Vs. New Home Appliances

sparkling clean kitchen
Sparkling clean kitchen home appliances.

Are you are a satisfied customer of a certain brand? Looking for the same brand’s home appliances? If you invest in the new home appliances, you can get as per your choice. In case you are planning to buy the used home appliances, you might have to settle for some other brand. You might face a similar problem in the choice of color or in the material of the appliance too. If you are okay with the mismatch, you can opt the used one too.

Delivery Issue in Old Vs. New Home Appliances

In old vs. new home appliances, while buying a new one, the financing or delivery options are sorted and streamlined. You just need to sign on the dotted line and your product reaches your home within a day or two. Whereas, when you purchase an old home appliance, there is no finance option. You have to arrange for the delivery yourself.


Both old vs. new home appliances have their own sets of pros and cons. It depends on your taste and your budget, whether you wish to purchase an old home appliance or a new one. Personally, I would recommend a new home appliance as your investment on the new product is one time.


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