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Move-in Cleaning - Things to do When You Move Into a New Home

Are you moving to a new home? Was it already occupied or you got a completely new home with some major home renovations? With the latter, you got to spend a good amount of time like a day or two in cleaning than the former. Move-in cleaning is a tedious job but the joys of settling into a new home double up your energy and enthusiasm. Do you know what you must do when you move into a new home or move into an apartment as a tenant? Both the scenarios demand different types of move-in cleaning.

Move-In Cleaning of a Rented Apartment or a New Semi-Furnished Home Earlier Occupied

clean home
A clean home for a healthy life.

Let’s start with the move-in cleaning to an already occupied place as a tenant or buying an already occupied home. Which are the cleaning areas in your newly moved in an apartment? When a landlord handovers the house, he ensures that you love the environment and the clean surroundings of the apartment. So, the basic detailed move-out and move-in cleaning are already complete. But, to ensure that your new home is free from germs and bacteria, it is essential to complete a move-in cleaning of your apartment.

Though the last owners or the landlord kept the property in a great condition, deep cleaning your new-pad before unpacking is all about starting afresh with a clean state. Here are the move-in cleaning checklist of a rented or earlier occupied apartment-

  • Add freshness by deep cleaning the kitchen
  • Use a heavy-duty cleaner like a solution of water and baking soda to clean the fiber or metal trays of the refrigerator to get rid of the food odor
  • Clean the front and top of the stove, temperature dials, and other elements to make your kitchen ready for cooking
  • A mixture of chlorine free bleach and water can help in cleaning the sink and also remove the drain odor from the sink
  • Clean the cabinets with wood cleaner or mild cleaner
  • Clean the walls and the stubborn stains, if last owners have not painted the house recently
  • Steam clean the carpets and thoroughly vacuum the floor
  • Replace the toilet seat and cover

Move-In Cleaning of a New or Renovated Home

new construction
new construction debris filled the floor.

Now, let’s turn to the newly bought or renovated home. This is where you need to do the major move-in cleaning. A new construction or major renovations at home involves piles of dust and debris on the floor. Cleaning such mess take a longer time as the dust chunks and particles take a good amount of time to clean completely. You need 2-3 rounds of clean up to complete your move-in cleaning in a new home. So, what are the inclusions for a new or renovated home move-in cleaning process? Here’s the checklist

  • Use a broom to clean the dirt and rubble chunks on the floor
  • Once all clean, vacuuming is needed to get rid of the minute dust particles
  • Mop the floors using an all-purpose eco-friendly cleaner
  • Firstly, dust and then use a damp microfiber or soft cloth to clean the dust collected on the lights, fixtures, and fittings
  • Wipe the dust accrued vents and radiators
  • Vacuum or wipe the windows with a damp soft cloth unless it is splashed with paint which will need deep cleaning
  • Vacuum or dust the door frames and door knobs
  • If your new house is freshly painted just dust it covering the broom with a clean cloth
  • Check the toilet seat and cover for any accidental paint drip on it and clean it with a wet brush
  • Vacuum and mop the floor again twice to get rid of the dust and grime completely

The move-in cleaning of the new house requires far more patience and time to complete than move-in cleaning of a rented or already occupied apartment. A clean new home brings in positive energy and good health. So, always ensure move-in cleaning is perfectly done. You may check our earlier renovation cleaning guide article for more info. Whether buying or renovating a new home or entering an apartment that was already occupied by someone, move-in cleaning is mandatory.


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