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Learn How to Make the Startup Office Productive with Minimal Effort

Is it challenging to run a successful start-up? Although the clients are few, you have the pressure to keep each of them happy and satisfied with great end results. But, you feel your team is unorganized and unmotivated. There are miscommunications and as a result of which the deadlines are breached. Have you ever thought why is your team unproductive and how to transform the situation positively? Let’s learn how to maintain a clean office and the ways to make the startup office productive. You may also check our earlier article on maintaining a clean office routine.

Make the Startup Office Productive by Introducing Greenery

green office
Adorn the startup office with plants.

Unfortunately, an office cannot be conducted in a hilly garden verandah or on a beachfront. You cannot entertain your employees with something unwanted to squeeze out more work from them. But, you may definitely add a touch of nature to your indoor office space. Many research reveals that addition of plants or nature photographs in an office space shows 15% higher productivity compared to any simple surroundings. The living plants and greener space encourages psychological engagement amongst the workers. It also helps in promoting healthy indoor air which helps to think rationally at the workplace.

Neat and Clean Workplace to Make the Startup Office Productive

Can you expect your employees to be productive and laborious when your own office is a complete mess? The office appearance creates the first impression for the visitors as well as the staffs. When you are so laid-back in keeping your office clean, how can you expect energy and enthusiasm amongst your employees? Isn’t it? A neat and tidy office definitely helps to increase the productivity as an untidy office space is the hub of germs and bacteria. It leads to fever and other diseases, which means increased absenteeism of the employees and loss of productivity. Even if you think it is costly, you may reduce some other expenses and hire a professional cleaner in order to make the startup productive.

Let the Natural Light Flood Your Office

well lit startup office
Natural light fills the startup office.

Glancing at the screen for a long time doing nothing due to insufficient light or too powerful lights can disturb the eyesight of the workers. The workers’ sleep, quality of life, and activities can be harmed by the strong artificial fluorescent lights. Let the sunlight fill your office during the daytime. It produces vitamin D that helps to increase motivation and alertness amongst the workers. The LED lights can also be used for performance, right mood, and alertness of the staffs. Just allowing a walk break to the outdoors can also help in providing the daylight boost to an employee.

Right Colors for Your Office Walls Can Make the Startup Office Productive

right color scheme for office
Choose the right colors for your startup office.

As per the structure of your start-up, it is vital to choose the right colors for your office rooms. The blue color denotes mind working, red denotes physical labor, yellow stands for creativity and green highlights focus aspect. With varieties of shades available in the market, you need to be very particular. Select the right color schemes for your office in order to make the startup office productive and lively.

Keeping Moderate Temperatures to Make the Startup Office Productive

Often too hot or too cold temperatures can disturb the workflow of the workers. In both extremes, the mind gets diverted and the body searches for a comfortable zone. It helps them to focus on work instead of focusing on the room temperature. The tiredness and alertness of the workers are affected by the temperature of the room. A right temperature that is neither too cold nor too hot is required to impact the accuracy and the productivity of a worker. Usually, the offices are on the cooler side of the temperature. Take your staff's opinion to know their comfortability. Using humidifiers or arranging for the desk-friendly space fans or heaters can also be a great idea to make your staff comfortable and increase productivity.


Refining the specifics of both the mental and the physical atmospheres in your place of work can yield noteworthy transformations. It makes your startup office productive, with least investment. When your staffs are content, comfortable, happy, clear-headed, and focused, there are lesser disruptions in the way of achieving your goals.


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