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Learn How to Store Seasonal Clothing Safely in 6 Ways

With the changes in the season, the wardrobe also needs a makeover. The winter months are over. The coats, sweaters, hats, thermals, and gloves that we needed for warmth are no more a necessity. Such garments occupying a big space can now be cleared to give way to the clothes for next season. If you do not wish to be welcomed by any unpleasant surprises when the temperature drops in the late fall, take time to store seasonal clothing carefully. In this article, we present 6 ways to store seasonal clothing safely. A small effort from you while packing your seasonal clothes can make a big difference when you unpack them in the fall/winter season.

Thorough Cleaning Before You Store Seasonal Clothing

It is very important to remove any kind stains on the clothes before you store seasonal clothing. The stain may darken and become worse while in storage, so a thorough cleaning of the clothes is always advised. You may check one of our articles on how to choose the best laundry detergents to help you with cleaning. When you store your clothes neatly, the insects are less likely to make their abode in them. You may either wash your clothes thoroughly at home or dry clean them according to the instruction of the manufacturer before storing them safely.

Pick the Right Place to Store Seasonal Clothing

Keep the heaviest of your seasonal clothing at the end and the lighter ones at the top,

The unused suitcases are the best options to store seasonal clothing if you can clean it thoroughly with acid-free tissues. You may store your clothes in the plastic storage container. But, if your clothes contain any bugs larvae they are sure to have a great feast. The trapped moisture can be another issue with the plastic container storage. The cardboard boxes may also be used to store seasonal clothing temporarily. Although, the bugs are attracted to old cardboard, so try to use clean new boxes to avoid any insects and stains.

Use of Mothballs and Cedar Blocks to Store Seasonal Clothing

You may use mothballs and cedar blocks to keep the insects away. Still, it is not a complete guarantee. Like many other cleaning products, mothballs and cedar blocks tend to contain strong chemicals, and as a result, they need to be used very carefully as per the given directions. In addition, they must be kept away from the pets and the children. Mothballs and cedar blocks can keep your clothes smelling fresh till the next season.

Hanging is not advised for all Clothing

Hanging the seasonal clothing can damage its shape.

The knit items should never be hanged as it can damage the shape of your knit wears. A knitted sweater can stretch badly in a way that cannot be repaired. So, it is always better to fold and store seasonal clothing. Stack the heaviest item at the bottom and the lightest ones at the top. When the items are loosely stacked, it allows air circulation and keeps the clothes in good condition for long. If at all you have to hang the clothes, ensure to use extra loops for hanging so that the clothes retain their original shape.

Clean, Cool, Dark, and Dry Area to Store Seasonal Clothing

Pack your seasonal clothing in a dark and dry place.

The place where you store seasonal clothing must be clean, cool, dark, and dry. Always ensure to clean the storage area thoroughly. Also, it should not be exposed to light and heat. Avoid all the areas that are near the sources of heating. The dark places can keep the clothing and the storage area cool and prevent the clothes from fading. The storage area must be kept dry because the insects and mildews are attracted to wetness.

Keep Checking Your Storage

When you store seasonal clothing, never abandon it into obscurity. Always keep checking the items to ensure your clothes are safe in the storage area. The storage containers must be checked to see they are free from damage, stains, and cracks. Always clean your clothes before wearing them in the next season after pulling them out of the storage.

It is very important to store seasonal clothing safely to use it again in the next season. Failing to do so can damage your clothes and attract insects, bugs, and mildews. Check the above ways to keep your clothes protected throughout the year.


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