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Learn 7 Practical Mason Jar Uses for Your Kitchen

The mason jars have become a craze for people in today’s world.  It’s very much in and people love to use this sturdy, versatile, and inexpensive item at home. You can easily find it and use it in any way. Whether a stylish and simple decoration or home organization, mason jars come in as handy options that you may use anytime. Mason jars are completely non-toxic, unlike the plastic that can be dangerous for the environment. When you store food items or kitchen ingredients in a plastic jar, it absorbs the leached out toxins from the plastic whereas, the mason jars can store your kitchen items safely. The Mason jar can be used in several other magical ways. Let’s learn 7 practical Mason jar uses for your kitchen.

Healthy layer salad mason jar wooden background.

Store Your Leftover Food in the Mason Jar

Do you know how to store your food leftovers in the Mason jar? Mason jars come in a is a range of sizes and shapes. Choose from the apt size and shape that can fit the leftover food and pack your dinner, lunch, and breakfast. Now, fill the containers with everything from remaining rice and beans to the leftover zoodles.

Pack Tiffin and Snacks in the Mason Jar

Cocktail with mint lime served in a mason jar.

Are you and your kids eating healthy while you are in office and your kids in school? You can portion out healthy snacks and Tiffin for yourself at work and for your kids in school in the small half-pint mason jars. Pack up granola or homemade hummus servings in these reusable Mason jars. It is one of the best Mason jars uses in the kitchen.

Stack Your Dry Ingredients in the Mason Jar

There are certain items that can get spoiled if they are not stored properly. You can opt for half-gallon Mason jar to stack your pantry in order. For storing flours, pasta, beans, sugars, and rice in large quantity use half-gallon mason jars. Ensure to put correct label on the jars and you may also paste if any cooking instructions are to be followed at the front of the Mason jar. The small Mason jar uses in the kitchen are also many. You can store active dry yeast or the spice blends made by you.

Store DIY Recipe in the Mason Jars

Fruits rosemary juice in mason-jar against a yellow background.

Do you have spare time during your weekends or at night and planning your kitchen DIY? Mason jars are perfect for mixing preservative-free salad dressings or for soaking nuts for making dairy-free milk. The Mason jar uses in the kitchen also include sprouting seeds or storing sourdough starter. You may also fill the Mason jar with homemade nut butter.

Plant Herbs in the Mason Jars

It is very difficult to search for fresh herbs while cooking. The ones you bought a day before are already wilted and leaves you frustrated. Mason jar can come as a handy option to plant the fresh herbs. Fill the jar one-half to three-fourths of the way full with water and place the herb stems in it. It is essential to change the water regularly. You may also plant it with soil and grow oregano, basil, etc.

Prepare Your Meal Using Mason Jar           

There are several options for dinner but nothing can compare the unmatched taste of the yummy Mason jar salads. Get the hippest lunch by layering them properly to avoid sogginess and dressing them at the bottom. Add other ingredients like carrot, beans, and cucumbers and top it with grains, tomatoes, leafy greens, corns, sprouts, onions, etc. Another popular Mason jar meal is oats soaked overnight that can be a great quick breakfast recipe.

Store Baking Items in Mason Jar

Are you making muffins but tired of the spills of cupcake liners across the kitchen floor? Use the Mason jar to store them. You may also use such containers as the DIY baking twine dispensers or for holding toothpicks, as icing bag nozzles or for sprinkling. The larger Mason jars are used to keep tongs, whisks, spatulas, wooden spoon, etc. in a proper way.


Now, that you know the Mason jar uses in the kitchen, organize your kitchen with the above tips. Are you searching for more such household tips? Here is an article on the creative uses of lemon for home cleaning that you may check on our blog.


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