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Learn 6 Small Bathroom Ideas for Organizing & Storage

In recent times, the bathrooms are often small in size. Keeping the bathroom clean and organized is the biggest challenge because this small space is shared by more than one person. In terms of design, the bathrooms are so small that it hardly leaves any space for storage improvement. Still, you can definitely find some ways or the other to make this cramped quarter worth entering. Here are 6 small bathroom ideas for storage and organizing to make the most out of this space.

Start your cleaning process by clearing out the medicine cabinet. It is mostly designed for storing all your toiletries. Check the expiry dates and remove all the toiletries and medicines that have expired. It also includes the soap, makeup, lotions, and shampoos. Clearing out the things not only creates space but also help to reduce the health risks. The cosmetic and lotions can be contaminated by the fungi and bacteria when unused over a long period of time.

Small Bathroom Ideas 1 – Hanging Cabinet

After clearing out the things, if the space in the cabinet is still less, you can consider hanging a new cabinet on the wall. The wire-coated rollout baskets are also an option for storage when it comes to small bathroom ideas for organizing. It can increase the under-the-sink cabinet storage capacity. If space concern is there, try mounting a small coated-wire grid on the wall to hang the things like curling iron, hair dryers, etc.

Small Bathroom Ideas 2 – Use the Space above the Commode

Cabinets above the commode to save space.

The small bathroom ideas are very difficult to make out. But, the space above the commode is usually empty so it can be used by adding cabinets or freestanding shelves to hold extra toiletries and linens. This space can be used right up to the ceiling.

Small Bathroom Ideas 3 – Use Plastic Pockets to Store Toiletries

You may use clear plastic packets to place your hair dryer, perfume, deodorants, hairbrushes, etc. and hang it at the back door of the cabinet. This will not take up space in the cabinet and yet keep all the important items within your reach.

Small Bathroom Ideas 4 – Use a Wrought-Iron Rack to Store Towels and Washcloths

Hang the towels neatly on the rods.

The wrought-iron racks can add extra storage space for keeping spare towels as well as rolled towels. It also adds color, especially in the kid’s bathroom.

Small Bathroom Ideas 5 – Add Wicker Storage Units

The wicker storage units are a great addition to your bathroom as it has the ability to endure humidity. Most of the wicker storage units have many drawers for added storage capacity in the bathroom. It is one of the best small bathroom ideas.

Small Bathroom Ideas 6 – Towel Bars with Built-in Shelving

On the bar, you may hang the towels that are used and stack the fresh ones on the built-in shelves. It can create much space in the small bathroom and amongst the great small bathroom ideas.

Mirror in the bathroom makes it look bigger.

There are several small bathroom ideas that you may try. Placing a mirror on one of the walls of the bathroom can make it look bigger. Behind the mirror, you may add built-in shelves to create extra space.


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