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Learn 4 Creative Ideas for Under-Bed Storage in Small Living Spaces

Are you living in a small space and looking for storage ideas? Or like many people, you believe more storage space at home is a big advantage? Whatever it is, the truth is the square space underneath the bed mostly goes to waste. Having a small bedroom is not a problem but not knowing the right ways to make the most out of the space definitely is. Whether you are looking to create space for your kid’s toys or just want to make your home appear neat, check out 4 creative ideas for under-bed storage.

Wicker baskets are easy to store clothes.

Storage Bed Set-up – Creative Ideas for Under-Bed Storage

If you want to ensure that the entire space underneath your bed is used properly, invest in a storage bed. A bed with built-in storage space can be a great help for both children and adults. From neatly placing your bed sheets, bedcovers, and duvet to keeping the toys in another section of the built-in storage, you can utilize the complete space when you opt for beds with storage space.  If you have enough time in hand and want to create storage space using DIY methods, check out a world full of hacks on Pinterest. You will get several options to create drawers, cubbies, and shelves of all shapes and sizes to utilize your space. You may also check an article on tips to organize storage space at home on our blog.

Try DIY Dresser Drawer Creative Ideas for Under-Bed Storage

Two leather suitcases against the black background.

Have you ever tried buying things from a yard sale or a thrift store? Try buying a chest of drawers that have been used and overused from a thrift store. Don’t worry about the condition; you just need to check that the drawers are intact.  The rest of the condition like scratches and scuffs can be completely taken care of by your DIY magic. Keep the frame of the drawers separately for some other DIY and decorate the drawers with washi tape or paint it in bright colors. You can add some stylish handles, knobs, casters, and there you go, completely ready to use the rolling drawers. From stacking shoes and purses to toys and electronics, your dresser drawers come in as a handy solution for under-bed storage.

Make Use of Your Old Suitcases

A leather suitcase filled with old books.

Re-purposing your old suitcases can be one of the most creative ideas for under-bed storage. It is not the usual roller bags or backpacks that you see in the airports.  For under-bed storage, the non-retractable holding fabric or leather suitcases that have inside liners and small buckle strap to hold the clothes are the most ideal ones. You have an added advantage if it comes in cool designs and colors.

You can create a storage solution by fastening casters beneath the suitcase. It is not only a great solution but also offers a cool feel and look even if someone peeks under your bed. The zipped suitcases also keep your items and clothing safe without exposing it to dust and dirt. From pajamas to cardigans and scarves or extra covers and sheets, you may store anything and everything.

Give Wheels to the Baskets and Crates

One of the creative ideas for under-bed storage is to use decorative baskets and crates. But, when you use it to store things beneath your bed, it may become difficult to take it out and put it back inside. Especially, if it is too heavy or your older folks are trying to deal with the situation.  Adding the casters to the baskets and crates can take this under-bed storage solution to the next level. Rolling out the items from under the bed becomes a handy solution and it does not even scratch your floors.


The creative ideas for under-bed storage don’t need you to reinvent the wheel. You just need to attach the wheels to the storage items like suitcases or baskets and get a handy solution that’s functional, looks great, as well as easily accessible. Apart from the DIY ideas, there are various sizes of plastic storage bins available that also comes with wheels to store things under the bed.

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