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How To Get Out The Chewing Gum from Your Clothes And Carpets?

The sticky chewing gum often becomes a big problem when stuck on clothes or carpets. Neither has it any nutrition nor can you fill your empty stomach with chewing gum. Yet, some people and (in particular kids) love chewing it and then spitting it wherever they feel like a couch, walls, clothes, park benches, garden, bus, train, and even on the movie floor carpets. How would you feel if one of those sticky gums get stuck on your favorite dress? It is obvious to feel yucky, nasty, and disappointed when such a situation arises. Are you aware how to get out the chewing gum from your clothes and carpets? Here are 5 ways that you may consider to get rid of chewing gum from your expensive carpet or your favorite dress easily.

  1. How To Get Out The Chewing Gum By Using Hair Dryer

hair dryer
Hair dryer for cleaning the stained carpet.

The sticky chewing gum on your clothes or carpets can be quite disappointing. Getting rid of it is often frustrating too. Using a hair dryer can soften the gum with the heat produced and then, it can be removed easily. You can use a plastic wrap to squeeze out the gum. In order to remove the stains, if any, use a dry cleaning solvent or an equivalent cleaner. Although the process must be done carefully as inappropriate heating can make an even bigger mess.

  1. Ice or Freezing Process to Get Out the Chewing Gum from Clothes and Carpets

Ice on a black background.

How to get out the chewing gum can be quite a daunting thought. But, you can try the freezing or ice method which is one of the best ways to remove chewing gum from the clothes and carpets. Unlike the last method, in the freezing process, the sticky gum is hardened. In case of the cloth, you may fold it neatly with the sticky gum part at the top and leave it in the freezer for an hour or two. If you are unable to keep the carpet or clothes in the freezer, you may use ice cubes or ice bag directly on the gum. When the gum is hardened, you may pull it off or scrape it with a spatula.

  1. How to Get Out the Chewing Gum Using Peanut Butter

peanut butter
Peanut Butter is a tasty paste.

Another remedy to get rid of the chewing gum from the carpets is using peanut butter. Although it might leave oil stains so advised to check over a small area prior to applying the fatty peanut butter paste on the entire surface. If satisfied, then proceed to remove the chewing gum as much possible and then dab the paste on the sticky spot. Dampen a towel with soap to further clean the gum and butter. Mayonnaise is another alternative that can be used when you are confused about how to get out the chewing gum from the carpets and the clothes.

  1. Dry Cleaning or Equivalent Solvent to Get Out the Chewing Gum

If you wish to dissolve the rubbery chewing gum from the carpet using dry cleaning fluid can be a safe option. Put the cleaning solution on the sticky gum area and leave it for some time. Then, try blotting it with warm soapy detergent and rinsing it with clean water.

  1. Using Lemon, Egg White, or Vinegar

Firstly, try to scrape the chewing gum from the carpet or the fabric and then, vacuum clean it. Make a solution of warm water and vinegar or lemon juice or egg white and spread it on the affected sticky area. Leave it on for 5 minutes or as per requirement and check the gum gets dissolved. Finally, rinse it with soap and water to get rid of the strong smell of the cleaning agent.

Whether carpet or your attire, sticky chewing gum on any of it can completely put you off. How to get out the chewing gum from the carpet or clothes? Check out the above tips to get rid of the rigid sticky gum. You may also check dirty carpet cleaning tips on our website. Ensure clean and gum free carpet and clothes using the above process.


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