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Best tips on how to clean your house from pets' hair.

We love keeping our pets at home. Especially dogs and cats are part of our families. Usually, they live wherever they want, we cannot keep them in one place. They also stay alone at home when we are away, so we have no control over where they walk and sleep. That is why their hair spreads basically everywhere and clings to stuff very tightly. It is on our rugs and carpets, on a sofa, on wooden furniture and upholstery materials, on beds and so on. But fortunately, there are a couple of very helpful and effective tips on how to fight with pets’ hair at your house.

Removing pet hair from a carpet and floor

A small dog lies on a carpet
Animal's hair clings heavily to all kind of carpets and vacuuming is not enough

Vacuum cleaning alone is not enough for animals' hair to disappear. It might even have the opposite effect. Besides, a vacuum cleaner cannot reach some corners and sometimes blow the hair around instead of absorbing it. Moreover, low humidity at your apartment and static electricity result in hair sticking to all kinds of fabrics. A good solution will be to spray your carpet before vacuuming t with a mixture of water and a dedicated cleaning agent. Leave it for a couple of hours and then vacuum. You can use one of the detergents specialized in carpet or upholstery cleaning. Additionally, you can sprinkle some baking soda, which will absorb the bad smell. To clean a floor it is recommended to use a rubber broom, which collects a bundle of fur very well. Likewise, electrostatic mop or microfiber dry one is efficient cleaning solvents as well. Keep in mind to rinse them well after cleaning.

Cleaning furniture from an animal’s hair

Rubber gloves
Put on rubber gloves and spray them with water so that the dust and hair clings to them easily

As far as wooden surfaces are concerned, buy an anti-static cleaning agent and spray furniture with it. Then take a microfiber cloth or a soft, wet sponge and wipe up all surfaces. Another method is using rubber gloves. Simply sprinkle them with water and wipe resolutely affected surfaces. Hair will easily cling to gloves. Wash them afterward and repeat this action a couple of times.  Quite an effective way to remove hair from different fabrics is using a sticky roller. Although, it might be a bit time-consuming, if you want to roll a sofa or a whole bed, for smaller areas it will be enough. As for clothes, you can put them in a dryer for a couple of minutes. When doing a laundry add some anti-static liquid or softener to get rid of stubborn pet hair from your clothes.

Often brush your pet and take care of its fur

a pet in a hairdresser
Take good care of your pet's fur to prevent from molting

It can be a key to success in a fight with the animal’s hair. Brush your pet frequently, preferably outside of your apartment and take care of its health. It depends on a breed, how often you should brush your cat or dog. The one with long and smooth hair should be brushed even every day and those with short and coarse fur just once or twice per week. Also, buy a suitable brush or comb. You can ask for advice at a pet shop. It is normal for cats and dogs to excessively molt twice per year. Then you should take care of its fur diligently to prevent from spreading bundles of hair all over your house. However, if your pet loses too much hair it may occur, that it is sick or is on a wrong diet. Maybe it lacks some important nutrients. Thus, you might consider visiting a vet or changing its feed. Furthermore, there are some medicines for pets which lose too much hair, so maybe it’s time to use them.

To sum up, first of all, take good care of your pet's fur and brush it at least every two days outside of your apartment. Then, vacuum regularly all the carpets and rugs thoroughly and use rubber mop to wipe floors. For furniture take the anti-static cleaning agent and wipe up each surface, where dust and hair bundles gather. All these operations should be done at least once per week, otherwise, your house will be flooded with pet' hair.

Madga Darmas


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