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How to Clean a Yoga Mat – A Guide to Cleaning Yoga Mats

Your yoga mat is not any other regular accessory. There are several emotions attached to your yoga mat. You have smiled, cried, laughed, and sweated in these mats. Yoga practice gets your heart racing. With the regular use of the mats, it becomes important to clean it properly to avoid nasty smell and germs. How to clean a yoga mat? You may check if any mat instruction is given or you may check out this guide to cleaning yoga mats easily.

Eating and drinking on your yoga mat.

Clean a Yoga Mat by Hosing it Down

Firstly, take your yoga mat outside your house to thoroughly hose it down with water at the beginning. Then, you can use a sponge and mild detergent soap to rub and clean it gently. Finally, rinse the yoga mat to get rid of the soap and hang it out to air dry. You must have an extra mat for practicing yoga as it takes more than 24 hours to dry up the yoga mat completely. Although much depends on the temperature outside, it is better to have a back-up ready.

Clean a Yoga Mat by putting it in the Tub

If it is not feasible enough to hose down your yoga mat due to cold weather outside, you may soak the mat in mild soapy detergent and warm water solution in a tub. After some time, rinse the mat and hang it on the indoor bracket or shower railing. Place a bucket or something that can soak the water dripping from the mat. Although the temperature indoor can vary, it is best to give the yoga mat at least 24 hours-time or maybe more to let it dry.

Clean a Yoga Mat by Making Your Own Cleaning Spray

Keep your yoga mats clean.

Is it too much for you to follow the above two steps to clean a yoga mat? If you lack the time, the first 2 tips for cleaning yoga mat can be taxing. In such cases, you can make your own cleaning solution by mixing an equal quantity of white vinegar and water and pouring the mixture in the spray bottle. Vinegar has several benefits. You may check an article on creative uses of vinegar on our blog. A mixture of tea tree oil and water can also be used to clean a yoga mat.

The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties present in tea tree oil and vinegar makes it ideal for cleaning. Spray any of the solutions on the yoga mat and wipe it down using a paper towel or soft cloth. You may also use paper towel alternatives for cleaning the yoga mat. These solutions can be used after each of your yoga sessions to keep your yoga mat fresh and clean.

Clean a Yoga Mat by Machine Wash

Spray bottle cleaning, soaking or hosing might not just be your cup of tea. Are you wondering if you can just put it in the washing machine and leave all your worries aside? The quality and texture of your yoga mat determine if you can machine wash it or not. There are a variety of yoga mats available. Some of the mats cannot endure the agitation and pressure of the washing machine. The manufacturers clearly mention that the type is not suitable for machine wash and a few do not mention anything specific regarding the product. Overall, it is important to note that machine wash is often too hard on products like a yoga mat. The tumbling and rough movement of the washing machine can result in tearing or shredding of the mats.


When you have your yoga sessions, it may seem like a joy ride, a magic carpet, or maybe a security blanket for you. If you truly care for your mat, consider the above options to clean a yoga mat, instead of searching for ways how to not clean it.  When you have a clean yoga mat, your practice sessions are more peaceful and full of life.

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