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Moving to Berlin? - Finding the best home cleaning services

Finding the best home or apartment cleaning services in Berlin is not that easy.

New magnet-city in Europe.

Berlin has recently become a magnet for people who want to start a new life and a new career. Now more than ever before, people from all over the world are moving here to try their luck. In the early 90’s it was mostly people who had already been in the city before and were somehow in the know about the infrastructure of the city. But things have changed. Nowadays, most newcomers settle in Berlin without even being here for a single day in the past.

Naturally, the first thing to do for everyone is to find a good place to live. Not only so-called expats but also locals have been encountering numerous problems to find accommodation in Berlin over last years as the German capital became really a popular spot among generation X and Y representatives. Currently, finding an ideal apartment or house verges on a miracle. The situation got even worse last year when the Airbnb was banned. Those who think that moving at last in a dream apartment means all hurdles are cleared are unfortunately wrong. There are still some pitfalls to avoid such as choosing the right and reliable cleaning company for your apartment.

Cleaning services in Berlin

Person sitting in the living room - point of view.
Make sure you let in right people into your home

Berlin area is full of companies offering you cleaning services within the price range 8 – 50 EUR per hour per one cleaner. The hourly discrepancies depend on companies’ experience, liability, certification, etc. Choosing the cheapest options can be tricky. When you hire a cleaning person or a company you let them in into your home which is filled with your personal belongings, confidential docs, valuables, etc. You should always think twice before opening the door to unqualified staff that not only does not know how to do things but also can damage your property or possessions. Obviously, choosing the most expensive companies does not always guarantee the highest quality. Solution – you should rely on other people’s opinions, word-of-mouth advertisement. When choosing a trusted cleaning company, it is highly recommended to always run a couple of test cleanings to check whether it is the best fit for your needs.

Kettle and a wipe at the kitchen sink.
Finding a proper cleaning company that will maintain a cleanliness on a regular basis is a key to success

A provision of professional cleaning services is not that simple as may look to be. It is crucial to use proper cleaning agents and equipment for different surfaces. Another important thing is to strike a balance between bio/organic and chemical products. It takes years of experience to apply a perfect combination for the best cleaning results without utilizing strong detergents which are harmful to health and environment.

Berlin lifestyle

Male looking through the window
You did not come to Berlin to stay at home all the time…

Most of the newcomers to Berlin dream of starting a new chapter in their life, setting up a company, joining up an innovative start-up or just enjoying every day of their life. It is why spending long hours cleaning and bringing a messy house or apartment into orderly perfection is not the top priority for most people after moving to Berlin. The city offers so many opportunities to develop and relax that it just does not pay off to stay inside doing the repetitive job. What is more, handing over the cleaning of your home to professionals not only saves your precious time but also assures maintaining a continuous and impeccable cleanliness. Just think of walking into an always clean home without lifting a finger.

Two guys taking pictures in the cold weather.
Focus on what is important for you and explore the city

So, how to find this perfect cleaning company, you may ask. There are several great cleaning services providers that you can find online. They have a large selection of different cleaning packages so everyone should find an offer that best meets his expectations. Moreover, always remember to read opinions/reviews of people who have already used a particular company. They will give you a clear and impartial picture of what exactly to expect. A good example of a renowned company is SPIC AND SPAN.

Key advantages of choosing SPIC AND SPAN.

  • Phenomenal 24/7 Customer Support – people working there are real pros and will respond to your queries at any time, they will advise and help to choose the best solution for you.
  • Customer Support, as well as cleaning service, are available in English, German, French, Italian, Polish and Spanish.
  • Flexibility – there is no need to register or subscribe, you choose whenever you want a cleaning appointment, one-off or on a regular basis.
  • Ad-hoc cleaning appointments are possible even at very short notice.
  • Professional, experienced, young, self-motivated and friendly staff.
  • You can find a cleaning option that is tailored to your needs thanks to different cleaning packages.
  • SPIC AND SPAN. handles also most special cleaning-related requests.
  • Cleaning techniques and equipment elaborated by SPIC AND SPAN. which save time and boost cleaning results at the same time.
  • Trusted cleaning teams and a good relationship with client – they can guarantee the same person or team to clean your apartment.
  • Convenient payment options – they accept PayPal transfers, most credit and debit cards as well as traditional bank transfers.

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