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Neighborhoods we serve in Cologne

Altstadt-Nord, Altstadt-Sud, Deutz, Neustadt-Nord, Neustadt-Sud, Bayenthal, Godorf, Hahnwald, Immendorf, Marienburg, Meschenich, Raderberg, Raderthal, Rodenkirchen, Rondorf, Surth, Weib, Zollstock, Braunsfeld, Junkersdorf, Klettenberg, Lindenthal, Lovenich, Mungersdorf, Sulz, Weiden, Widdersdorf, Bickendorf, Bocklemund/Mengenich, Ehrenfeld, Neuehrenfeld, Ossendorf, Vogelsang, Bilderstockchen, Longerich, Mauenheim, Niehl, Nippes, Riehl, Weidenpesch, Blumenberg, Chorweiler, Esch/Auweiler, Fuhlingen, Heimersdorf, Lindweiler, Merkenich, Pesch, Roggendorf/Thenhoven, Seeberg, Volkhoven/Weiler, Worringen, Eil, Elsdorf, Ensen, Finkenberg, Gremberghoven, Grengel, Langel, Libur, Lind, Poll, Porz, Urbach, Wahn, Wahnheide, Westhoven, Zundorf, Bruck, Hohenberg, Humboldt/Gremberg, Kalk, Merheim, Neubruck, Ostheim, Rath/Heumar, Vingst, Buchforst, Buchheim, Dellbruck, Dunnwald, Flittard, Hohenhaus, Holweide, Mulheim, Stammheim


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Secure your appointment by paying for the first hour of the chosen package. You can pay by card or by using a traditional bank transfer.

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Relax and enjoy your free time while your trusted cleaner makes your home shine again.

Regular Cleaning

With our regular cleaning package, you get a good quality cleaning at an affordable price. You either can order on a subscription basis and pay less (€19.90/h) or order our One-Time package to get through chaotic periods in your life and test our service at the same time.

Deep Cleaning

With the Deep Cleaning package, you get a top-to-bottom cleaning for your home or apartment. This package is the best if you have not had your place cleaned thoroughly in the last 3 months or do not use a cleaning service regularly.

Why Choose Us

Background-checked and legally-registered cleaners in Cologne.

Finding a good cleaner can be a hard and time-consuming task which usually works on trial and error basis. That is why all of our cleaners are thoroughly verified so you don’t have to try new ones every month until you find a good one. We are constantly refining our certifying process to bring you the qualified helping hand at your home which you can trust.

Why Choose Us

English-speaking Cleaners

One thing we are proud of is that most of our cleaners in Cologne can speak in English. We know how important mutual understanding is and that is why SPIC AND SPAN. has quickly become one of the favorite solutions among expats and frequent international travelers.

Why Choose Us

Flexible schedule and easy cancellations

Our pricing structure makes it possible for you to choose either one-time or regular cleaning packages depending on your needs and time availability. By either filling the booking form or contacting our customer support, we can easily schedule or re-schedule the best date and time for you with no extra costs and headaches.

Why you need a cleaning service?


The most important thing in your life is time and we know that cleaning your home can take quite a lot of it. Even if you have the time to do a thorough cleaning, you might not have the energy to do it after a long workweek. Getting support from a reliable cleaning service gives you the freedom to focus on things you like. Cleaners working with us in Cologne are experienced and they can instantly spot the things in your home that need to be cleaned in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it. Also, working with a cleaning service company might save you money long-term, as taking care of goods like furniture, flooring or decorations will make those goods last longer. One other thing to mention is the health factor. Letting your home accumulate dust and dirt may cause you or your close ones to get an allergy or develop asthma. Having fresh air to breathe at home not only reduces the risk of getting sick but makes you more fulfilled and productive.

How you can get the most out cleaning service in Cologne?

Communicate what are your expectations from the cleaning session. If you have any special requests, make sure to mention them during the booking or when one of our cleaners in Cologne gets the cleaning done. All our cleaners do a quality check before leaving the property to make sure that all areas have been cleaned. One thing we are also proud of is ease of changing your desired cleaning scope. We think that it is important for a cleaning service company to offer flexibility to its customers. The same goes for choosing the hour and day of an appointment, which can be changed 48 hours before it.


Why SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning?


We believe that cleaning services are meant for everyone and that is one of the reasons we created this platform where you get matched with affordable cleaners in Cologne. SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning has been offering access to good quality cleaning services from 2016. We are continuously improving by looking for the best cleaners in Cologne, optimizing the booking and scheduling process and having fast responses from our customer support. We make sure that there is always someone who can clean your place, this is especially helpful when one of the cleaners gets sick. Also, there is no long-term commitment from your side, you can easily cancel the appointment up to 48 hours before for any of the packages at no extra cost.


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