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A trusted cleaning service

No need to spend hours looking through classified ads to find a cleaning service in Berlin you can trust. We work with experienced, legally-registered home cleaners, providing the quality of cleaning service you're looking for. Whether you're looking for a one-time cleaning service, or a regular home cleaning, we got it all.

No long-term contracts

At SPIC AND SPAN. you're not locked down with a long-term contract. There is no minimum number of cleaning appointments you have to book up front. You can order a one-off residential cleaning service right when you need it. We reward the loyalty of our customers with the lowest rates available already from the second booking.

English-speaking cleaners

Language should not be a barrier to a clean house. That's why with SPIC AND SPAN. you are able to book professional cleaners that speak your language. In Berlin and Potsdam, you can choose from the best cleaners speaking English and German. Just let us know which language you are most comfortable with and we will accommodate to your needs.

The most convenient way to find a cleaning service in Berlin

Customer satisfaction is one of the key metrics we use in measuring the success of our business. It is our mission to provide you with the most convenient way to find a reliable cleaning service in Berlin. Our English-speaking customer support is available 7 days/week via phone, email and chat to answer all of your questions.


What our clients are saying

I want to share my impressions of my apartment cleaning. I ordered the last-minute cleaning package as my wife was coming back from a business trip and I didn’t have time to do the cleaning myself. I liked the convenience of last-minute cleaning very much. The staff came on time, were very polite, cleaning and washing took less time than I expected. Thank you for the quality, I am now your customer!

David Pearson

System Manager, England

I took advantage of such cleaning services for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. I think my house has never been so clean! Besides, I had some concerns about letting a stranger in my house, but the cleaner was very nice and knew good English, there was no discomfort at all! Thank you for your service. I am sure that I will book with you again!

Yazmin Calleja

Human Resources Manager, Spain

I’m in charge of a few apartments in Hamburg and Frankfurt used by our employees during their business trips to Germany. The schedules keep changing, and so we needed a company who can reliably arrange a last-minute cleaning service. Since my German doesn’t go beyond a few basic phrases, I looked for a service with an English-speaking customer support. SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning fit right in! Booking takes just a minute or two, and I can sleep well (10 timezones away), knowing that our team members will feel at home during their short stay in Germany.

Beth Sonne

Retreat Center Director, California, USA

My apartment is sparkling clean each time SPIC AND SPAN. team visits me. Even my fiancée likes the service, which is something rare as she is unusually demanding. We have been assigned a dedicated team of 2 professionals from the very beginning and have never ever even thought of changing it. We immediately know the difference after the team leaves that our home is clean and fresh.

Adam Jung

Sales Manager, Germany

First time I used a cleaning service. The idea is great because it allows you to do quickly, inexpensively and safely what you always put off due to more urgent and important things – cleaning your house. As for the cleaning itself. I was pleasantly struck by the smell of cleanliness when I came home. Everything in the hallway was perfect. Everything in the kitchen was very good too, especially the clean stove. I can’t imagine how the cleaner managed to get it that shiny in such a short time. Definitely recommend SPIC AND SPAN.

Ralph Werfel

Engineer, Germany

SPIC AND SPAN. made me into a believer when it comes to cleaning services! Prior to taking the leap with them, I have always avoided using such services due to fear of poorly verified cleaners and generally feeling uncomfortable about having someone clean up after me. Fortunately, SPIC AND SPAN. didn’t fail at providing a friendly and experienced cleaner that left me surprisingly at ease.

Sabine Dufrence

Veterinary, France

SPIC AND SPAN. did a great job cleaning my apartment last weekend. Everything was incredibly clean, the guys didn’t need any supervision and knew exactly what to do. Customer service was great as well, they got back to us with all the questions within a couple of minutes.

Yulia Rodionova

Designer, Germany

Hiring a cleaning lady has been one of the things on my “to-do” list for a long time. I am not a fan of cleaning myself, but nevertheless spent hours every weekend doing the chores. A few months ago a colleague told me about SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning. I booked a one-time cleaning service for 3 hours, let the cleaner in, and went shopping. When I came back home I felt like walking in to a freshly cleaned hotel room. Loved it! Will definitely book again.

Wojtek Bartosik

Senior Auditor, Poland

Why should you choose SPIC AND SPAN.?

  • No need to be at home
  • No long-term contracts
  • Legally-registered and background-checked cleaners
  • Customer support available on phone and email
  • Equipment brought by cleaners on request
  • Thousands of cleanings done
  • Multiple payment options
  • Book & pay online
  • High quality of cleaning services
  • English-speaking cleaners
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee

Thoroughly verified and legally registered cleaners

Only 3 out of 100 applicants become our cleaners, they have to go through several verification steps and have at least 2 years of experience. This is done so that your house gets cleaned by experienced and responsible individuals you can trust. One of our priorities is finding English-speaking cleaners for an overall better experience and mutual understanding. The review system helps us track performance of cleaners and constantly improve the quality of the cleaning services in Berlin.

Flexible Scheduling

The fact that we work with independent cleaners, allows us to pick the best hour and date for your cleaning appointment. If you would like us to change the date of the appointment, please contact us via email or phone 48 hours before the cleaning is scheduled. You can request your future cleanings to be done by the same cleaner or someone else, but usually we will assign you to the first cleaner.

Large Coverage Area in Berlin

Our cleaners are present across all districts in Berlin, whether it is Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Charlottenburg. Even if they are not in the exact same district, distribution is made in such a way that they can get fast to your home, thing especially helpful for our Last-Minute cleaning package.

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