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About SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning

Whenever you need help cleaning up your place, we are there for you 24/7! SPIC AND SPAN. is the leading company for everyone who is looking for domestic cleaning help, office or store cleaning services with top-quality, pre-screened, dedicated independent professionals. From home and office cleaning to events support and small handyman services. SPIC AND SPAN. matches hundreds of customers every month with trusted professionals in cities all around Germany. With an easy, 5-steps online booking process, secure online payment, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy, SPIC AND SPAN. is the most convenient, flexible and reliable way to book your cleaning services.

Excellence in every detail. We have worked hard to develop the most detailed and comprehensive cleaning services in the industry. SPIC AND SPAN. will help you declutter your apartment, bring in shape your home, clean your office, tidy up a garden, create a dust-free, dirt-free environment and give you the free time you deserve. No matter the size or shape of your apartment or office, you and your family or employees will be thrilled with the spotless results we deliver. Check us out and you will never want to hire another cleaning professional.

Our Story

SPIC AND SPAN. was set up in 2016 by two young entrepreneurs – both pedants and tech enthusiasts. As we have never been satisfied with cleaning companies available in the market we always had to clean our apartments ourselves. Moreover, we have been continuously hearing complaints from our friends how difficult it is to find a dedicated and reliable cleaning professional who would also speak your language. At that point, we realized it was high time to do something about it, provide people with a premium quality service they deserved and have been long looking for.

We started as a traditional cleaning service in Berlin. Back then, we managed to work out unmatched cleaning techniques. We were continuously improving our services by providing our team with weekly training sessions. This strategy was the key to our success. Soon, the demand was so high that we had to change our business model and become an online marketplace for reliable cleaning services. We began to operate like “Uber” for cleaning services.

As we were developing, we introduced 6 different packages to suit all clients’ needs. We established 24/7 Customer Support which is capable of scheduling last-minute home cleaning appointments even within 1-2 hours. We launched SPIC AND SPAN.BLOG and SPIC AND SPAN.YOUTUBE CHANNEL with awesome, free cleaning tips for everyone. The cleaning offer was adjusted to apartments, houses, offices, and stores. We supported even various events such as corporate parties or fairs (e.g. Messe Berlin). We decided to start our geographical expansion as we were receiving calls and emails from our clients who moved out of Berlin asking if we were not considering covering more cities. And then it all started. At first, in addition to Berlin, we started offering cleaning services in Potsdam, following with Munich, Frankfurt Am Main, and Hamburg. Most recently, we introduced our home cleaning service in Ramstein (Kaiserslautern).

Currently, we are available in more than 6 German cities. Thanks to our strategy, customer-driven business model, and in-house built tech solutions we were able to pursue the further expansion outside Germany. We managed to serve first clients in Poland and the USA at the turn of 2017/2018. People often tend to ask us what is the secret behind our success. Our recipe for a successful cleaning is very simple though - we always clean your place as if it was our own.

Our Founders


Karol Kaczmarek


Karol is our Co-Founder. Prior to SPIC AND SPAN., he worked for JLL and Deloitte. Karol also founded A&K Ventures OÜ, a venture capital firm investing in out-of-the-box start-ups. One of the brands that belong to A&K Ventures Group is “Digital Chaps”, an innovative IT, B2B company.

Karol is a real pedant by nature as since the early age he was allergic to almost everything associated with dirt, dust, mold, pollens, etc. He was forced willy-nilly to live in an impeccable and literally spic and span environment.

Karol contributes immensely to the company’s overall success and makes sure that the highest standards of quality are always met. He invented "3 Golden Rules" of SPIC AND SPAN. and elaborated most of the techniques along with guidelines for our cleaning professionals which help them to achieve the best cleaning results.

Amadeusz Annissimo


Amadeusz is a Co-Founder of SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning. Before founding SPIC AND SPAN. in 2016 he worked at Rocket Internet’s startup Spotcap as a Business Intelligence Analyst for Risk and Online Marketing departments.

Amadeusz holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a Master’s Degree in Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems from SGH Warsaw School of Economics. He has a strong passion for technology, and is a self-tought Full-Stack developer.

Amadeusz leads the development of SPIC AND SPAN.'s proprietary marketplace web app. In addition to that he is responsible for Online Marketing and Finance departments.

Vision And Objectives

In a 3-years’ time, we would like to see SPIC AND SPAN. delivering unmatched cleaning services for everyone in cities around Europe and North America. We want to pursue the customer-oriented strategy and master it to be able to deliver flexible and bespoke service to everyone single one. Once we are a well-established brand in Germany we would like to replicate our successful business model in other countries through a network of partners and franchisees. By the way, it has already started (e.g. Poland and the USA). We believe that a rapid expansion is possible thanks to our in-house built system (marketplace platform) and the application of the cutting-edge technology (AI).

In the long run, except for providing valuable and bespoke services to our clients on different continents, we want to revolutionize the market by combining high tech with such a traditional industry as cleaning services. We want SPIC AND SPAN. to become a role model business and trendsetter for others in the industry. In today’s hectic world people constantly travel, change their places, and in many cases, do not have enough time to properly take care of their estates. And here comes SPIC AND SPAN. No matter where you go we will be there for you so you can always count on the reliable, flexible and premium-quality service which you already know.

We send greetings to all our Clients who help us grow and support SPIC AND SPAN. from the very beginning. Thank you!