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Ensure a Sparkling Room with 15-Minute Living Room Cleaning Routine

The living room is the most used area and bound to get dirty and cluttered quite easily. If you have kids at home then, the mess keeps piling up without a routine clean-up. Often, you might think of relaxing with a cup of tea once your kids leave for school. But, when you turn to your living room couch, all your desire to relax just ends in a moment. With books and magazines lying here and there, layers of dust on the coffee table, cobwebs around the electronic gadgets, toys all around, and dry plants shouting for help, all your wishes to relax vanishes instantly. A 15-minute living room cleaning routine every day can save you from such disorder. Let’s check out how can you clean your living room rapidly in just 15-minutes.

Music to Keep You Energized for a 15-Minute Living Room Cleaning Routine

listening to music
Listen to music and increase your energy.

Listening to music while working is a proven method to keep yourself energized, lift up your spirits and complete the task at the earliest. So, put the earplugs in and get to the 15-minute living room cleaning routine for adding some fun elements to your work and also increase your efficacy.

Let the Light In for a 15-Minute Living Room Cleaning Routine

Sunlight in the room
Let the sunlight fill your room.

A dark room with closed windows can be too stuffy. So, open the windows, shake off the dust from the curtains, and let your living room breathe. Opening the windows also brighten up space with lots of natural light and fresh air. It also helps to get rid of any foul smell in the living room.

Grabbing the Supplies Before Starting the 15-Minute Living Room Cleaning Routine

It will be quite annoying to get back to the supplies like trashbin for throwing the garbage or vacuuming tools again and again. So, grabbing the supplies like a basket, trash bin, vacuuming tools, etc. all together at the beginning can be handy. It will also avoid you from any kinds of distractions while your 15-minute living room cleaning routine.

Place all the Items Not Belonging to the Living Room in a Basket

While a regular cleaning routine when you assign a particular time like 15-minutes, do not try to sort things out. Just grab all that don’t belong to the living room and keep it in a basket. Trying to put things where it belongs can take much of your time while running to every corner of the house several times. You can check out the guide to home decluttering and clean for tips and suggestions.

Cleaning the Couch is an Important Part of the 15-Minute Living Room Cleaning Routine

Once your room is partially clean with none of the unwanted items lying here and there, focus on your couch. Check out for any items like the television remote which easily gets misplaced from the depth of your couch. The cushions and the interior dust from the couch must be brushed off on the floor. Fluff the cushions and place it on the couch.

Arrange the Coffee Table and Dust it Off

When we are into 15-minute living room cleaning routine, our aim is not to be very particular. We just need to see that the coffee table look neat with the content of it arranged properly. So, you can just make a vinegar and water solution to spray and wipe it off with the microfiber cloth. Doing this helps in removing the dust and if a glass top table, then give a shine to it. You may also just dust off the shelves and electronic gadgets to make it appear clean and organized. Once cleaned, stack the items on the table neatly.

Arrange the Books and Magazines in its Exact Place

books magazines and plants
An arrangement of books magazine and plants at home.

People often relax by reading books, magazines, and newspaper in the living room and leave it here and there. This is truly annoying. So while doing the 15-minute living room cleaning routine, it becomes very important to arrange all in place. You don’t have any time to check which is new and you wish to keep and which is old you want to throw. Just collect all, arrange them neatly, keep in its proper place, and move on to your next task.

Take care of the Plant in Living Room

Regularly watering the plants in the exact amount and keeping it free from molds and weeds is essential for the health of your home and your family. You can check our earlier article on how to clean houseplants for better information.

Vacuuming is the Final Task of 15-Minute Living Room Cleaning Routine

Once all your work is complete, focus on vacuuming the living room. Do not waste time in removing the furniture or vacuuming the couch and pillow. Just focus on the carpet and floor vacuuming to get rid of any grime or dirt.


Once your living room looks neat and clean, grab all the supplies and keep it in its respective place and when you have ample time check out the things in the basket to keep them in their respective places. Once all done, just sit and relax in the clean atmosphere.


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