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Top 6 Uses for Clothes Steamer for Cleaning at Home

Can you think of one game-changing item for your home? Whether you have a sudden office meeting or a hot flying date, the handheld and compact clothes steamer can give you a perfectly neat look in just a matter of a few seconds. Grab the steamer, fire it up, and get perfectly ironed clothes in no time at all.

Apart from managing the wrinkled clothes, the clothes steamer is one of the most trusted and handy tools for various other cleaning tasks. From cleaning the dirty tile grout to the carpet stains, the clothes steamer can tackle each and everything. The garment steamer has several uses and the best part is you may try all of them at home. Here are top 6 uses for clothes steamer.

Use Clothes Steamer for Sofa Cleaning

Clothes ironing makes it crisp.

It is true that the vacuum cleaning on your beloved couch can take care of the dust and crumbs quite perfectly. But, have you ever thought about the soil and stains? The clothes steamer can be of great help when it comes to cleaning the sofa stains. Use the clothes steamer with distilled hot water vapor on the water-resistant sofas. Just quickly pass the garment steamer on the stained sofa area and see the marks lighten.

Use Clothes Steamer for Dusting the Drapes

If your drapes don’t have a “dry wash only” tag, you may try using the clothes steamer to remove dust and dirt from your drapes. It becomes difficult to take out the heavy window drapes and put it in the washer and the dryer. A handheld steamer is a great way to clean the dust from the drapes.

Use Clothes Steamer for Removing Carpet Stains

A clean carpet and comfortable couch.

For less stained carpets like pet paws or shoe dirt, the clothes steamer is a great match. The garment steamer can easily remove when there are light stains on the carpet. But, in case of heavy stains, deep cleaning is always recommended. The heavily soiled carpets cannot be cleaned using a steamer so deep clean it with a carpet safe detergent. You may also check one of the articles on how to remove stains from dirty carpets on our website.

Use Clothes Steamer to Sanitize Surfaces

Does your clothes steamer reach 212° F (100° C) temperatures? If yes, then you can sanitize a number of surfaces using this tool. It is a chemical-free and safe way to sanitize your home after a flu bug hitting the family. You can save your energy and time by steaming your kitchen countertops, tables, and board surfaces quickly. The use of clothes steamer also helps to avert any kind of cross-contamination that may occur with the use of a sponge or wipe surfaces.

Use Clothes Steamer to Remove Grease

Clothes steamers have several uses.

The nasty stovetop grease is one of the worst nightmares for anyone who has to clean it. One can only clean the rigid grease build up by using the harsh chemicals. But, do you know that as much as you love cooking, you will enjoy cleaning the grease equally when a handheld steamer is used for it? When you steam the stovetop, it helps to save you from the post-cooking cleaning workout and also averts grease build-up.

Use Clothes Steamer to Brighten Bathrooms

This is the best place to use the clothes steamer as you can clean nearly any surface you want to. From brightening the stained sealant to removing mold and rust from the tiles and disinfecting the countertops, the clothes steamer can be used for all. You may also use it for melting away the stains of hard water built up on the glass doors. Your bathroom can sparkle with just a few passes with the steamer.

Try out the above hacks using the clothes steamer and you don’t need to go to the store every now and then to purchase detergents. There are many DIY cleaning products that you can make and also use the magic tricks with readily available tools like clothes steamer at home.


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