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Tips on How to Get Rid of Cloth Moths in Your Home

A hole in your favorite coat or on your softest jumper can be quite surprising. A tiny moth wreaking such damage is unbelievable. Isn’t it? But, it’s true. These moths have a taste for high quality and that’s the reason why fur and the Kashmere silk are most often the victims of these moths. They live off keratin found in the softer and finer fibers. The moth larvae destroy your most expensive clothes made of natural fabrics like lambswool, silk, etc. by burrowing into the fabrics. How to save your clothes from these deadly pests? How to get rid of cloth moths in your home? In such situations, closet cleaning becomes vital. You may like to read one of our earlier article which throws light on a 15-minute rapid closet cleaning routine. Let’s check out some of the ways to eradicate the moths at home.

How to Get Rid of Cloth Moths in Your Home- Try Out Vacuuming

The moths never like to get disturbed. So, vacuuming can be one of their biggest enemies. It is essential to track the moth larvae source. It can be anything like carpets, rugs, clothes, toys or cushions. The source of larvae has to be identified to eliminate it from the roots. Vacuuming your wardrobes, cupboards, drawers, and shelves once a week is mandatory. Removing all the items before cleaning from its place can be quite helpful if you are thinking how to get rid of cloth moths in your home. Give special attention to check if any month larvae are left in the crevices or cracks that can aggravate the spread even after vacuuming.

Wash the Dirty Stained Clothes Before Putting it Back to the Wardrobe

washing clothes
Washing the clothes and drying in the sunlight.

The dirty clothes are a complete feast for the moth and their favorite too. Washing or dry cleaning the stained or sweaty clothes prior to keeping it back in the wardrobe is highly essential to avoid the clothes moth at home.

Deep Cleaning and Freezing to Know How to Get Rid of Cloth Moths in Your Home

Dry cleaning the clothes to avoid moth infestation.

Wipe every corner of your wardrobe with a cloth soaked in detergent or some environment-friendly cleaners to kill the moth larvae immediately. Freezing is also a great option to kill the larvae at a sub-zero temperature in the freezer until you can fit the things in. If you wish to freeze your clothes to kill the larvae, always ensure to put the clothes in the plastic bag to ignore the condensation as you freeze it for 48 hours.

Know How to Get Rid of Cloth Moths in Your Home Using Environment-Friendly Ways

lavender oils
Lavender, an essential natural cleaning element.

There are several environment-friendly ways of removing moths when you think how to get rid of cloth moths in your home. Lavender is quite effective in keeping the moths at bay. Before putting the clean clothes back in the closet, keep a sachet full of dried lavender or cotton balls dipped in lavender oil in the drawers, closet, and off-season cloth boxes. Lavender works great and an effective moth repellent. Another important environment-friendly way is to use dried mint leaves in the sachet or spread loose mint leaves on your clothes. The cotton dipped balls in peppermint oil can also be a great moth repellent to keep your clothes safe from the harmful effects of moth pests.

Invest in Cedarwood Closets

Cedarwood is recognized as a great moth repellent. A cedarwood chest or a cedar lined closet can help in keeping the moths away from your clothes. If you do not have a cedar lined closet then blocks or chips of cedar can be picked from the store to be placed in the required areas.


Moth infestation can be harmful not only to your clothes but also to your health. Even after using the above tips if you have to think how to get rid of cloth moths in your home, then take professional cleaners help. They can assist in eradicating the moths completely from your home. The professional cleaners are well adept and know the process of getting rid of the harmful larvae of moths. They can reach the extreme corners and heights to deal with these pests to protect not only your clothes but also your health for a long time.


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