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Save Cookware - 7 Things You Should Never Put in a Dishwasher

Dishwashers have come as a blessing in the boon. Anyone with dishwasher or a home with pre-installed dishwasher is considered undoubtedly lucky. The comfort and convenience of stacking and pushing are much better than scouring and sopping. But, some types of glassware and metals are too subtle for a powerful wash. The harsh cleaner used in the dishwasher and the high-temperature ruins and fades some kinds of pots, pans, and glassware. Here is a list of 7 things you should never put in a dishwasher.

One of the Things You Should Never Put in a Dishwasher is Kitchen Knives

kitchen knives
Kitchen knives should not be cleaned in the dishwasher.

If you put the kitchen knives in the dishwasher cycle, the sharpness of the knives is gone. It starts getting dull faster. They can also procure dents and dings from various other objects. The shielding coating of the rack can be marred by the edges of the knife and the baskets can cause rust. While unloading the dishwasher with a helping hand from your kid, the sharp edges of the knife can prove dangerous.

Wooden Cutting Boards, Bowls, and Spoons

The natural oils keep the moisture intact on the wooden cutting board and utensils. The harsh detergent when used in the dishwasher to clean the wooden kitchen tools, the natural oil is lost making it dry. The increasing dryness leads the wood to crack after some time. Very mild detergent and hand wash are always adviced to clean the wooden kitchen utensils. Soaking the wooden kitchen tools can swell and distort the utensils and thus, it is one of the things you should never put in a dishwasher.

Cast Iron Cookware

cast iron ware
Cast iron wares are not suitable for Dishwasher cleaning.

These are something that can go on for years if you take proper care. The cast iron pans and skillets must be seasoned with oil in order to keep the rust at bay. The food also does not stick when the oil pierces through the cast iron making it the perfect surface for cooking. The excessive force of water and the harsh detergent in the dishwasher washes away the oil making the cast iron cookware useless. When your cast iron skillet and pan’s outer covering is with black crud, you may think it can withstand cleaning in the dishwasher. But, instead of going by your thoughts, try to use some old greasy way to clean the cast iron cookware.

Insulated Containers, Tumblers, and Glasses

The insulated tumblers and containers are many times mentioned as dishwasher safe on the label. But, it is advisable to hand wash the insulated containers, whether plastic or metal. Still, if you think that you want to use the dishwasher for cleaning the insulated glasses and containers, place it in the uppermost rack. It is best to avoid the high heat drying process. These insulated containers are made up of two material levels and there is an airspace between these two levels which offers insulation. If the high heat is used, the seal is broken and the airspace is filled with water. Amongst the vital things you should never put in a dishwasher is insulated containers and glasses.

Bone China, Vintage, and Crystal or the Repaired Glass Wares

glass and vintage ware
Avoid the glass and vintage ware with gold trim from Dishwasher cleaning.

The vintage and glass heirlooms are very delicate. Especially, when these vintage plates, gifted by your grandma are so special and you got it repaired, avoiding dishwasher becomes essential. The high heat and the harsh cleaners can weaken the adhesive used to repair the glassware. It can also spoil the golden rim or the hand-painting intricacies etched on the vintage plates and crystal wares. Thus, such things you should never put in a dishwasher.

Bottles with Adhesive Labels

Any labeled jar or bottles must not be washed in the dishwasher. The paper label on your jam jar or any other labels on the bottles must be removed as any adhesive leftovers can get stuck in the dishwasher. This can block the filter and cause serious problems which might prove an expensive repair.

Soft Plastic is One of the Things You Should Never Put in a Dishwasher

The high heat used while cleaning and drying the plastic wares can distort the soft plastic. Thus, the dishwasher cleaning is not recommended for the plastic wares.


It is very important to take care of the small things while using dishwashers. Above mentioned points are some of the things you should never put in a dishwasher. Following the points can save you from making a hole in your pocket. You may also connect with experts in your town to know more. Apart from keeping your kitchen tools and utilities safe, it also helps in efficient working of the dishwasher. To learn more about kitchen cleaning you can check our article on Natural Kitchen Cleaning Hacks.


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