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The Cleaning Checklist For Vacation Rentals And Airbnb

The vacation rentals and Airbnb are the most opted stay options for the tourists in the recent times. They are (relatively) cheap as well as gives you a feeling of home away from home, unlike the hotels. So it is obvious that as soon as the guest checks out, serious vacation rentals cleaning is an essential part to keep the guests coming in all the seasons. But, what is not too obvious is the level of vacation rentals cleaning. How much should you clean or prepare so that your guests are happy and satisfied? Whether you go on a cleaning spree yourself or hire a professional cleaning service, here’s a cleaning checklist that covers all that you should do.

Vacation Rentals Cleaning – Bathroom

neat bathroom
Neat, clean, and hygienic bathroom.

Although your bathroom may appear technically clean, your guests notice even the most minute details. Bathroom cleaning is truly annoying. But you cannot afford to just hope for the best. With every check-out vacation rental's cleaning, especially the bathroom is mandatory. Water stains on the glass or the built-up grime in the bathroom can spoil your business, clean it thoroughly. It is also essential to scrub the bathtub and the shower and remove the garbage bins before your guest checks in.

As the vacation rentals are like your home with every facility, keep the cleaning tools handy but hidden. The tools such as mops, toilet brushes, disinfecting sprays, buckets, and wipes are some of the things that must be available but kept out of sight. Make sure that the bathroom cleaning tools are not rusty and there are no strands of hair lying on the bathroom floor. You may also check one of our earlier articles on how to clean a stinky toilet to get help in the process. When your guests enter, they must come across a spotless toilet.

Vacation Rental Cleaning – Kitchen

clean kitchen
Sparkling clean kitchen with everything in place.

When you start with your vacation rentals cleaning, paying attention to the kitchen is a must. Some of your guests might completely avoid cooking but a few would appreciate a clean kitchen space. You never know which guest wants what, so, being prepared with a neat and sparkling clean kitchen is what you must do. If the kitchen has a dishwasher, leaving the dishes streak-free using the dishwashing pods can complete a big task. Then, sweeping every nook and corner and under the cabinets is a must.

To avoid any bad odor from the sink areas, you may use white vinegar and baking soda. It prevents the drains from getting clogged and leave it fresh. The kitchen in your vacation rentals must give an impression of a model home. Do not forget to wipe down the countertops, cabinets, and cupboards.

The Bedrooms in Vacation Rental Cleaning

comfortable bed
Neatly made up bed for a comfortable stay.

A bedroom is the most inviting space and the guests must feel completely relaxed when they enter this zone. Although bedroom cleaning is one of the easiest task in Airbnb cleaning, making the bed can give you tough times. Change the linens and make the bed so that there’s not even a single crease on the bed.

Turn the sheet or keep a new set of sheets and fluff the pillows. Finally, sweep, vacuum, and mop the floors. It must look like a hotel room that is cozy give a feeling of home.

Common Spaces Cleaning in a Vacation Rental

living room
Living room creates the first impression.

Sweep and vacuum the common spaces like the dining room, living room or the balconies. Open the windows so that fresh air fills the rooms. Check if the mats are placed properly on the dining table with the right set of crockeries. In the living room, make sure the cushions are well arranged and fluffed.

Dust all the furniture keeping the legs of the chairs, any openings, and the lower shelves in mind. Remove all the decorative pieces or books if any and vacuum thoroughly. You must ensure that all the bulbs, lights, and other electronic devices are working perfectly to avoid the inconvenience of the guests.


This is a very simple yet effective checklist for vacation rental cleaning. The Airbnb turnover cleaning is a must with every checkout. If you wish to run a successful business and want your guests to have a comfortable stay, keep the above checklist in mind.


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