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Steps to Balcony Furniture's Cushions and Canvas Cleaning

The canvas and balcony furniture can be elegant, sporty or casual. It can be used in both outdoors and indoors, on the patio, balcony, yachts, and of course in your home. It is quite a tough fabric but usually comes in the lighter shades. So, the dirt and grime are easily visible and the mildew as well. If you have an open balcony, the cushions and canvas are more exposed to the dirt and debris. Maybe a heavy thunderstorm or rains, make cushions and canvas cleaning a must do the task. Whatever the reason be, the bottom line is balcony furniture cushions and canvas cleaning cannot be ignored at any time. Here are a few instant tips that you may use while cushions and canvas cleaning.

balcony furniture cleaning
Balcony furniture cushions cleaning is important.

Cushions and Canvas Cleaning – Tips for Cushion Cleaning

Solution Making - Make a solution of borax and dishwashing detergent in equal quantities mixing it with 1 quarter water. Put it in a spray bottle.

Saturating Surfaces – It is vital to remove the molds and mildew from the cushions which lay outdoors. Use the solution to liberally soak both the sides of the cushions. Don’t use insufficiently – Ensure that the amount used can clean the mildew and the molds off from all the creases and the crevices. If you do not use adequate quantity, you may face problem while washing it off. Any kinds of pests can be difficult to get rid off. You may check in one of our articles on the website, how you can get rid of moth infestation from clothes and its importance.

Wait, Wash, and Dry - Now, leave the solution for 15-20 minutes. Once completely soaked in the solution, spray water using a garden hose and wash the cushions thoroughly. Then, spread it on the edge to dry until damp.

Addition of Fabric Protector – Protect the cushions by adding fabric protector. It will also make it easy for you to clean in the future.

cozy ambiance
A cozy ambiance under the sky.

Cushions and Canvas Cleaning – Tips for Canvas Cleaning

Dust the Canvas Furniture Outdoor  - Both cushions and canvas cleaning is very important. For canvas cleaning, you need to check if your canvas covers are removable and also check the label if it can be washed in the machine. Once you ensure, the dust of the soil and dirt by shaking. Now use a mild detergent to launder the canvas covers using cold water. Once it’s clean on gentle cycle, hang them to dry.

Clean Non-Removable Canvas Covers – The covers that cannot be removed needs to be hand washed. For doing so, you need to ensure that the sky is clear. The canvas furniture should be cleaned outside, so move them out. Try to keep it on a hard surface like a driveway or the patio because cleaning it on the grass or mud can form muddy puddles.

Prepare Solution, Wet, and Scrub – Take a bucket and add 2 gallons of water along with half capful without bleach mild detergent liquid. Now, take a sponge and dip it in the solution and wipe the canvas cover followed by scrubbing the dirty areas and the seams.

canvas furniture
Canvas furniture by the beach.

Rinse and Fabric Protection – The cushions and canvas cleaning is similar and as in the cushions cleaning, rinse of the soap thoroughly from the canvas furniture by using a garden hose. Air-dry the furniture and then, spray fabric protector on the canvas and also spray water repellent. The ones that are removable, you may spray fabric protector while they are dried on the edges. When completely dry, put the cover back on the canvas furniture.


The balcony furniture is very difficult to clean as dirt, dust, mud, pests, can make it completely soiled. The balcony, patio or garden furniture must always be covered using cushions and covers. It helps to keep your furniture protected from the dirt and mud. The cushions and canvas cleaning gives back the lost shine so make it a point to clean it at regular intervals.


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