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How to prepare your house for a romantic date?

Most of us were at least once in this stressful situation. You finally invited an important girl or a guy you care about to your flat and you want it to be perfect. Especially if it is a first date and you want to make a good impression on your guest. You can’t predict how the whole meeting will go on, but what you can do, is to prepare yourself and your home as good as possible. Get to know 5 simple steps to prepare your house for a romantic date which will help you to start a date with a calm mind.

1. Dust must disappear!

First of all, your apartment cannot be dusty. Take a microfiber cloth and a special anti-dust agent and wipe all the surfaces, especially those which are the most visible. Each table, cupboard, drawer and desk should be rubbed. Also don’t forget about the lamps, top of the television or loudspeakers, so basically every surface where dust gathers. Afterwards, vacuum all the carpets and wipe down the floor. Make sure that no stains are left behind. If you find one, get to know from our previous blog entry how to effectively remove carpet stains.

2. Prepare nice atmosphere in your living room.

Decluttered and clean living room
Decorate your clean living room with some flowers and candles.

A bedroom is your private space where no one should have access to, unless it is somebody well known and trusted. But the living room is a different topic. You will probably spend there most of the time during your perfect date. Thus, it is recommended, that it’s cozy and tidy. Do not leave it cluttered – hide all the unnecessary stuff in cupboards. It would be nice to hang some decorations around the room. Maybe put a vase with flowers on the table or light up some candles. It will make the atmosphere even more romantic. Better do not leave any personal items around which you don’t want to be discovered on the first date. Additionally, nice and calm music is always a good idea.

3. The neat and tidy bathroom is a necessity.

There is nothing worse than a dirty toilet. You use your bathroom every single day, so you are used to it. Thus, you might not notice all the dirty corners, but your guest will. It is necessary to clean it thoroughly so that especially on first sight, it looks shiny. Start with wiping down all the dusty surfaces. Then continue with washing a sink and faucet with a cloth and nicely smelling agent. Cleaning a toilet bowl properly is a very important step. Do it with a special detergent. Make sure that there is enough toilet paper. Nobody likes awkward situations. There should be also enough soap by the sink and new hand towel ready to use. At the end quickly vacuum all the rugs and a floor.

4. Do not leave a dirty kitchen!

clean kitchen with wiped up floor
Clean a kitchen to get rid of the source of bad smell.

I am not suggesting that you have to present yourself as a perfect housewife or an ideal future husband. However, as a matter of fact, a clean kitchen does tell us something about ourselves ;). You will probably prepare some food before a romantic date, so afterwards, do not leave all the dishes dirty in the sink and all the smelly leftovers from cooking outside on a table top. Wash up all the used dishes, pots and cutleries. Clean a stove plate and counters. Get rid of any source of bad odor from your fridge which is old, sometimes rotten food and definitely throw away the garbage. You can put a sachet with coffee beans in the fridge and on the counter so that to reduce any bad smell.

5. A pleasant smell will comply with a nice atmosphere.

light-up candles
Candles always help to mask certain smells and create a romantic atmosphere.

Each and every house has its own special kind of scent which for us, owners, is almost impossible to smell. Especially in older buildings, it can be really peculiar and not always very pleasant for our guests. That is why it is recommended to avoid the situation when your guest runs away just after entering your flat. The best solution, but also pretty time consuming, would be to bake some cookies. Then the smell is quite delicious, as one might say. Moreover, you already have a dessert to serve. However, if you are tight with time, you can simply light up some aromatic candles or incense. Just make sure not to use too many different fragrances. The smell can become too irritating or even suffocating for both of you.

To sum up, your house before a first date should be impeccable. It always makes a good impression on your guest and I mean it for both girls and guys. The atmosphere will be much more romantic if you will invite your guest to a neat and tidy apartment. So make sure you book the right amount of time for cleaning it properly before a date.

Madga Darmas


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