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How to organize your house with Feng Shui rules

Feng Shui is an ancient, Chinese art of house organizing. We all want to have a nice, cozy apartment, where we can feel comfortable, calm down and rest properly after a hard day or invite guests and spend a nice dinner time. But there is something more than just having fashionable interior design and fancy furniture. There is invisible energy around your home, which has an essential influence on your self-feeling. This energy is called Qi and is the most important part of Feng Shui. Here are a bunch of rules and guidelines, which you should follow while organizing your house according to this ancient philosophy.

General tips

First of all, the most important part of Feng Shui art is tidiness. Previously I presented how to declutter your house with Feng Shui rules, which you should start with. Then continue with a thorough cleaning of the whole house. Now we will focus on designing, decorating interior and arranging furniture in each room. The main purpose of it is to maintain good energy flow and promote happiness, health, and success in your personal life. Firstly, I will introduce some general tips concerning the whole house.

colourful front doors
The front door is an entrance of the whole Qi energy, thus the most important space in our house.

Begin with your front door. It is an entrance of Qi energy, so the most important space at your flat. It should remain decluttered. Take away all the things which block the door from opening widely. Secondly, windows have to be clean, so that the natural light can easily access each room. Then take care of flowers around your apartment - they shouldn’t be dry. Moreover, all cabinets should be closed. Now I will refer to each room individually.


The most important step is to remove all electronic devices from your bedroom. They create an electromagnetic field which can really disturb your sleep. Secondly, airing the room from time to time is highly recommended or even sleep with a slightly open window. Stale and polluted air is really unhealthy. At the back of your bed should be a wall and in front of a free space. Don’t hang any mirrors in front, because it will disturb your sleep as well. The more natural and warm fabrics around your bedroom, the better quality of energy. Also, the best light for your bedroom is warm, soft, with low intensity. Light up some candles from time to time. They will calm down your mind and eliminate electromagnetic radiation. It isn’t recommended to keep flowers in your bedroom.


Best color shades for your kitchen are white and different kinds of cream.

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It is a place where you prepare meals which provide us life energy. It is important to keep it neat and tidy. It should be also bright, so make sure that there is proper lighting. The leading colors can be white or different shades of beige and cream. As far as kitchen equipment is concerned, a stove or oven which represent fire shouldn’t be placed close to a fridge or sink which are associated with water. It would be best if the sink is placed by the window. A nice view would be an additional advantage. It is recommended that kitchen furniture is made out of wood and has circular edges. Finally, don’t keep any sharp things outside, all knives should be left on the shelves.


The bathroom is a very important place because of the connection to water and in Feng Shui water symbolizes wealth. That is why it is essential to prevent any water leakage. Mirrors play a big role in Feng Shui because they allow a good energy flow, bright up an interior and optically enlarge it. In a bathroom there can be many mirrors, however, don’t hang them opposite to the door or windows. Furthermore, keep all the electronic devices, such as hair drier or straightener, in drawers. Your bathroom should have good ventilation so that to maintain humidity low. Also, use some air freshener or essential oils to get rid of bad odor and assure nice scent. And finally remember: always close the toilet seat cover and keep the toilet door closed.

Living room

Tide and neat living room
Maintain a good Qi energy flow will create a cozy atmosphere for you and your guests.

Friends meetings, family gatherings, house parties take place in the living room, thus we want our guests to feel comfortable and feel the vibes of positive energy. This room should be well sunlit. Bright and warm colors on the walls will stimulate the atmosphere. Try not to default to white paint, as it is color of grief. As for the furniture, a sofa should face the door, never the opposite way. Round or oval, the wooden table will fit the best. Moreover, it is a common mistake to place a TV in a central point of the living room. It should definitely occupy some less prominent place. In some cases, it may even be advisable to keep it in a closed cabinet. Put a nice carpet or rug on the floor and some flowers on the windowsill.  Finally, keep your living room clean and decluttered. It will definitely bring a good energy flow and well self-feeling.

It is seriously worth trying to consciously create and organize your environment. If you apply our guidelines you will certainly feel better and it will affect your sense of security, comfort, health, and harmony with the environment.

Madga Darmas


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