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Simple yet effective natural kitchen cleaning hacks

Are you interested in maintaining cleanliness in your kitchen with the use of natural methods? If so, check out our guide!

Depending on what your cooking habits are, you probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen. If you enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes, there’s a chance your kitchen reflects that. At the same time, using conventional, aggressive cleaning products is not recommendable since they can come in contact with food. Natural kitchen cleaning routine is equally, if not more, effective, and safe for the environment and your family.

SPIC AND SPAN. experts have put together the best natural kitchen cleaning tips and tricks to make your life easier.

Natural kitchen cleaning starts with all surfaces

All surfaces in the kitchen are prone to food splashes, so it’s important to regularly keep them in an immaculate condition. A universal multi-surface cleaner can be made of a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar. But remember! You should never use acidic cleaners on marble or natural stone countertops since they will inevitably damage the surface. Alternatively, you can also use a mix of water and some baking soda.

[caption id="attachment_816" align="alignnone" width="700"]Natural kitchen cleaning hacks Baking soda and vinegar can be used on a number of surfaces[/caption]

Clean the fridge

Making sure that your refrigerator is thoroughly cleaned once in a while is a prerequisite to a hygienic and functional kitchen. However, you should avoid using harsh cleaners since they can create a residue on the internal surfaces, and leave a lingering chemical smell.

A mixture of water and vinegar is great solution for that – you can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to boost antibacterial properties and make the smell more pleasant: tea tree oil, grapefruit oil, you name it. A deep fridge cleaning is a great opportunity to get rid of all expired products, or items you simply don’t use and need anymore.

Make your sink shiny

The sink is another kitchen area where you can utilize vinegar – it will make it shiny and remove limescale residue. If the drain seems clogged, you can sprinkle some baking soda into it and then rinse with vinegar. A natural chemical reaction will follow and unclog the drain. In order to make it smell pleasant, you can pour some lemon juice into it.

[caption id="attachment_818" align="alignnone" width="700"]Natural kitchen cleaning hacks A clean sink does not only look better - it's also hygienic[/caption]

Be sure to scrub your oven

Built up dirt and oil are not effortless to remove, but with some time and the use of natural ingredients it will seem much less intimidating. Using a paste made of baking soda and water and leaving it overnight is a great option to make it shiny again without resorting to harsh chemicals. It might, however, need to be left in the oven overnight or at least a couple of hours, so don’t try to clean it right before you need to bake something! You can find a more detailed guide to oven cleaning here.

[caption id="attachment_819" align="alignnone" width="700"]Natural kitchen cleaning hacks You can even clean your oven using natural methods[/caption]

Don’t forget about your microwave

Microwaves are super easy to use, but when you forget about regular cleaning, they can get gross fast. Luckily, there is a simple solution to getting rid of dried up food splashes with no effort. You can fill a bowl with water, add a bit of vinegar, and turn the microwave on for a few minutes. Everything will steam up and the dirt will be easily removable with a sponge.

[caption id="attachment_820" align="alignnone" width="700"]Natural kitchen cleaning hacks Natural kitchen cleaning is not only great for the environment, but also for you and your family[/caption]

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A clean home makes your life easier and more pleasant. Always try to use natural methods first. They are environmentally friendly and do not cause many illnesses and allergies like most of regular chemical detergents and cleaning solvents. For more articles on natural cleaning recommendations from our experts please check our blog regularly.

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