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Learn Some of the Natural Ways to Clean the Latex Mattress

A natural latex mattress is great for a good night’s sleep but, keeping it clean is equally important. Cleaning the mattress might sound too tedious and complicated a task to complete. Do not worry. No matter how difficult it may appear, cleaning even the worst stains on the latex mattress is possible with handy household ingredients. The water is more powerful in cleaning the latex mattress than any commercial cleaners or bleach. If you are using any of the commercial clear, it is always advised to test it in a small area prior to cleaning.

Isopropyl alcohol or mild detergents mixed with cold water can be used safely to clean the natural latex. For blotting, always use a rag or a light-colored sponge. Always air-drying the mattress after cleaning is recommended. You may use a cool blow-dry or place it outside to let the latex mattress air-dry. There are various kinds of stains that can spoil your latex mattress. So, let’s check out how to clean different stains on the latex mattress naturally.

Latex Mattress Cleaning for Tough Stains

A mattress in a relaxed outdoor swing.

In order to clean the tough stains on the latex mattress, you can bring the bed down and add a dash of baking soda on the mattress. The baking soda has numerous surprising uses in home cleaning. You may check out the 7 creative uses of baking soda on our website. Leave it for 30 minutes and then vacuum all of it. The baking soda helps in removing the odors, moisture, and dirt from deep beneath the latex surface. If you love the fragrance of lemon or lavender, add a few drops of lemon or lavender essential oils to the baking soda before cleaning.

Set in Lighter Urine, Blood, or Dirt Stains from the Latex Mattress

There are ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, any eco-friendly multipurpose cleaner or borax that can be used to clean the stains of blood or urine. As a precaution, you must always try the DIY cleaner on natural fabric in a small area prior to cleaning the entire area. You may also make a mixture of 3% hydrogen peroxide in 1-2 parts (in Germany available at any pharmacy - ask for Wasserstoffperoxid), dishwashing liquid in 1 part, and optionally baking soda or table salt in 1 part to clean the area. Once cleaned, let it air dry. Finally, scrape off any remaining residues and blot a clean white rag on the area to dry it completely.

Harder Stains on Latex Mattress

The longer the stain is on the mattress, the harder stain it becomes. Whether pet urine or a human body fluid, the enzymatic cleaner works wonders on the hard stains. Let’s check out its uses on:

Well-lighted room and clean mattress with a white sheet.
  • Remove the beddings and blot the urine as much possible from the area using a towel
  • Sprinkle baking soda and leave it for 10 minutes
  • Spray the enzyme cleaner to cover the area with it and let it sit for sometime
  • Again blot and add the baking soda
  • Keep the windows open and turn on the fan and leave it overnight
  • Next morning, vacuum the residues and let it dry completely in the sun

The sunlight acts as a great disinfectant and stain remover.

  • Use the meat tenderizer or 3% hydrogen peroxide in a very little quantity to form the bubbles when rubbed on the blood stains
  • As the bubbles are gone, take a towel to blot the latex mattress affected area
  • Now, take the enzymatic cleaner and apply on the area
  • Finally, after some time take a cool damp towel to blot the area and then again let a dry towel capture all the moisture
A cozy neat and clean room.
  • Firstly, remove the sheet and then wear a pair of hand gloves and clear the solids into the trash bag from the sheet
  • Take a dry towel to blot any more fluid left on the mattress
  • Apply a dash of baking soda on the area and let it sit for 10 minutes
  • Now, use the enzyme cleaner and leave for sometime
  • Before sprinkling more baking soda, blot the area once again with a towel
  • Leave the baking soda overnight and let the latex mattress air dry
  • In the morning, vacuum clean the residual baking soda


Cleaning the latex mattress seems to be easier, with all the handy ingredients readily available at home. Try the above steps to let your latex mattress breathe and keep it clean always.


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