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Learn How to Make a Bed That Could Be Featured on a Magazine Cover

Do you love to keep your home neat and clean or is it just you are hoping your guests appreciate your heavenly abode? Whatever it is, a neat and tidy bed is what people look for at the end of the day. If you can score big in that arena, half of your tension is gone. Your guests will definitely be impressed when they unwind in a perfectly made up bed. You must be thinking anyone can make a bed then how is it different? Here are a few additional tips on how to make a bed with perfection that could feature it on the cover of the magazine. Check out yourself and help your guests feel pampered at your place.

Step 1 – Iron Your Sheets

A clean bed with everything in place.

When your visitors pull the duvet of the nicely made up bed and find a creased and wrinkled mess, it can surely turn them off. Even if you are there in place of your guest, you would surely get irritated seeing the wrinkled sheets. Although an optional step, when you think of how to make a bed, try ironing the sheets and pillow covers to avoid wrinkles on your linens. It is advisable to check the care tag to find out the right heat setting for the fabric of your bed sheets and covers.

Step 2 – Fix the Fitted Sheets

Start by tucking the fitted sheet at one corner of the bed. Then, move to the diagonally opposite of the tucked in corner. Repeat the same with the other two corners of the fitted sheet as well to ensure that the mattress is completely covered. Check with your hand if any part of the sheet is bundled or bunched together. Smooth it out across the mattress including the corners.

Step 3 – Drape the Top Sheet 

Sunlight coming into your bedroom.

The top sheet can be a printed or solid color one. The specific style is a matter of taste, and the decision is up to you. Once decided, drape the bed with the top sheet and check if the edges of the top sheet are equal on both the sides. Finally, tuck the corners of the sheet under the mattress.

Step 4 – Add Blankets and Duvets

When you want to learn how to make a bed, the addition of a blanket is one of the easiest steps as you just need to repeat the steps of the flat sheet. If you want to tuck the corners of your sheet or not is completely up to you, but just smooth out the blanket when you follow the steps. The addition of a comforter or a duvet is something you should look out for. Place the duvet over the bed and ensure that it hangs from both the sides evenly. It should look neat and clean, so smooth out any crease or wrinkle on the duvet. Then, you may cover the mattress by firmly placing the duvet over it or leave the blanket half visible by folding the duvet in thirds. You may decide it as per your choice.

Step 5 – Add Flare by Including Pillows

Neatly placed sheet, duvet, and blanket.

The last and final step of how to make a bed is to add some pillows. By smoothing out the pillow covers and placing them rightly with the embellished or decorative side toward the outer direction. This is enough for a minimalist look but if you are looking for a loud look, add shams capped with vibrant accent pillows.

Read the above steps to understand how to make a bed like a pro. Although, we understand that often we don’t have time to clean our kitchen so, making the bed perfectly sounds like a dream. Still, whenever you get time or if you have guests coming in, try to make the bed perfectly. You can see how happy it feels to garner appreciation. A clean bed also makes your room look bigger and spacious. You can check an article on how to make your room bigger and spacious on our blog.


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