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Learn How to Clean a Marble Shower Surface Easily

Some upscale homes are adorned with the elegant, classy, and expensive marble shower. When you have expensive items at home, you become extra careful about paying special attention to them. You're taking proper care of them, and try to leave no stone unturned to protect your treasured possession. Aren't you? The shower surfaces can build up soap scum that can be hard to remove. In order to clean a marble shower surface, you may use a mild soap and break away the soap scum build up and keep it safe and clean. Although a bit pricey, the marble showers offer the most classic and attractive look. If you want your marble shower to be striking and outstanding for years to come, follow the below tips on how to clean a marble shower.

Clean water rolling down the shower.

Clean a Marble Shower Daily

Your bathroom appears to be absolutely luxurious with the use of the beautiful marble material. But, the hard water deposits leave scratches on the marble. So, what should you do to protect the marble? You must clean a marble shower surface on a regular basis. Whatever the material is, it is important to wipe the shower surface after each time you use it. For marble showers, it becomes a mandatory task. The body wash and soap residues and the hard water minerals have the power to damage the marble stone’s surface. Therefore, stacking a few fresh and clean microfiber towels in your bathroom is highly recommended. Ensure that your family members, as well as you, do your part to clean a marble shower after each use. Wiping down the marble shower walls after every use can keep the stone safe.

A white marble bathroom shower makes an elegant decor.

Clean a Marble Shower Thoroughly

How often should you clean a marble shower? Many times, people are seen confused as they are not sure how frequently one should clean a marble shower. It completely depends on the frequency of your use. Do you have several members in your house and the shower is used at least 10 times per day? Or are you just 2 people with a minimal requirement of the shower, maybe just twice a day? When you have more members in the house clean a marble shower couple of times a week and when you have a few members, cleaning once a week or two shall be enough. But, drying the marble shower with the microfiber towel must be followed by everyone at home after each use.

You may follow the instruction given on the manufacturer’s tag to clean a marble shower but, the DIY solution is the best way to keep your marble shower clean and safe. Use a spray bottle, 1 tablespoon dishwashing liquid, microfiber cloth, and warm water. To make the solution, make a mixture with warm water and dishwashing liquid. To avoid lump formation, shake it well before use. Clean a marble shower by spraying the solution on the surface. Then, start rubbing the shower walls using the microfiber cloth in the horizontal or vertical direction. Ensure to pay special attention to the soap scum or mildew built on the surfaces. Use clean water to rinse off the soapy solution from the marble surface. Finally, wipe the marble shower surfaces using a clean and fresh microfiber towel until it’s completely dry.

Things to Avoid While You Clean a Marble Shower

The marble is a beautiful stone and you must take proper care to ensure its good condition. It is a delicate stone. You should only use pH neutral cleaners to clean the marble. Any kind of acidic liquids like vinegar or lemon can damage your marble surfaces. Although lemon has a range of cleaning benefits that you may check in the creative uses of the lemon article on our blog, it is not meant for cleaning marble. Avoid any harsh materials like scrubs or sponges on marble shower surfaces.

The manufacturer’s care tag must be followed when sealing marble shower surfaces is concerned. Always make usre to clean a marble shower surface with proper care to keep the marble shower in good condition.


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