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Learn 8 Natural Ways to Add Fresh Fragrance at Home

The home is a place where you wish to unwind and relax but, do you wish to return to a stinky and foul-smelling home?  No one likes to get into a home that smells bad. Instead of rejuvenating after a hard day at work, a stinky home can give you more headaches. Whether your pets at home spoils the inner air making the home smelly or unmoved garbage is emitting a foul smell, a filthy stinking home cannot be a place to live in. So, to ease your worries here are 8 natural ways to add fresh fragrance at home. Get rid of all the foul smells or just be surrounded by amazing fragrances every day with these 8 natural tips.

Add Fresh Fragrance At Home with Eucalyptus

Escaping to the spa is all that you want to release all your tiredness and exhaustion but it can be pretty expensive. How about getting a spa treatment without making a hole in your pocket? Tricking your nose with eucalyptus by hanging it from the shower head can be a great way to enjoying the fresh fragrance at home as in any spa. When the hot water from the shower touches the eucalyptus and flows down, the fragrance is just out of the world. It also clears your sinus and headaches rejuvenating you completely. You can easily get fresh eucalyptus leaves in Germany using, for example, this online store.

Fresh Fragrance at Home with Lemon

Lemon is one of the best items for cleaning.

The garbage disposal at home is the major culprit behind the stinky smell. The lemony fresh ice cubes can remove the stink from your sink and garbage bins. You just need to take a few pieces of lemon and place each of it in the ice cube mold. Then, pour white vinegar without diluting it. Finally, place the ice cube tray into the freezer and when the cubes are frozen you may store it in a plastic in the freezer. Every other day you can take a few lemony ice cubes and throw it in the garbage bin or the sink drains and leave until dissolved. This process can help in removing the bad odor and fill fresh fragrance at home. This tip is especially useful for 'organic trash' (Biotonne), where chemical solutions should not be used.

DIY Deodorizing Disc to Add Fresh Fragrance at Home

Does your shoe rack emit a bad odor or the old carpeted basement smells yucky? The home-made deodorizing discs can absorb the foul smell and fill fresh fragrance at home. To make the DIY deodorizing disc, add some essential oils of your choice to the baking soda. The crystals formed can absorb all the foul smell and spread beautiful fresh fragrance at home.

Lilac or Citrus Room Spray For Fresh Fragrance at Home

The beautiful blue Lilac flowers.

Commercial synthetic products can add to your discomfort and respiratory problems. So, the perfect way to spread fresh fragrance at home is to try making some natural room spray. It is not a difficult process. You just need to have vodka, your favorite lilac or mint or some citrus essential oils, and water. Then, mix water and vodka in equal quantity in a spray bottle and add as much essential oils as required to make the perfect room spray.

Fruity Fragrance to Fill Your Home

Do you have a get together at home in the coming weekend or guests coming over in the evening? Make your home as pleasant and inviting as possible with the help of pot simmers. If you want to instantly turn your stinking house into a pleasant fruity fragrance, take some fresh fruits like orange, lemon, and grapefruit in a bowl. Add some zest of mint and cinnamon sticks to it and add water. Let all the fruits and other ingredients boil in low flame for hours. Keep adding water when required.

Sea-Salt and Fruit Rind for Adding Fragrance

This is one of the easiest ways to make your home smell amazing. You just need to take out the complete fruit from its crust and leave the rind or the peel behind. Now, fill the rind with the sea salt, which is a great odor-absorber. Let your home be filled with freshness.

Basil and Lemon Spray

Are you worried about harmful chemicals or do your kids have allergies? Worried about their safety? The basil and lemon spray can make a great room freshener. Combine 2 cups of water, 1 cup of white vinegar, 20-25 drops of lemon essential oils, 15-20 drops of basil essential oils in a spray bottle. It can be used as a multi-purpose cleaner for cleaning stainless steels, windows, counters, and tiles.

Add Freshening Plants at Home

Aloe Vera has several benefits.

The plants like Aloe Vera are a great air-cleansing and toxin-removing addition to your home.

The natural fresh fragrance at home can always make your guests feel inviting. It also helps to reduce your stress and exhaustion of each day. Turning to green cleaning is important. You may check one of our articles on how green cleaning is important on our blog.


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