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Learn 4 Easy Ways for Copper Cookware Cleaning

Do you love copper cookware? If you do, then the beautiful sparkle of the copper will never leave your mind. You will always want your copper cookware to sparkle like the new ones. It definitely adds class and sophistication to your kitchen. When compared to other types of cookware, the copper ones are relatively expensive. If you have one of the most beautiful copper cookware sets, you would definitely want to keep it safe and sparkling clean always. But, they are prone to get tarnished and dirty very easily while using it for cooking. Is this the reason that makes you avoid using copper cookware frequently? Just forget all your worries and start using your favorite copper cookware anytime you wish. Here we help you to learn copper cookware cleaning in 4 easy ways.

Salt and Vinegar for Copper Cookware Cleaning

Copper bowl and jug looks amazing.

Are you tired of scrubbing the copper bottom pans without any results? You can try a combination of salt and vinegar for copper cookware cleaning. Take table salt and white vinegar and pour salt as required in the vinegar and stir continuously. You need to create a thick paste. So, when the salt gets dissolved in the vinegar, dip a scrubber or sponge in it and start scrubbing the heavy bottom copper pan surface. You can observe the magic yourself. Once clean, rinse thoroughly with water and dry it.

Salt and Lemon Paste for Copper Cookware Cleaning

Hanging copper cookware in the kitchen.

A tarnished copper cookware can be hard to clean. Did you try many tricks and still failed in thorough copper cookware cleaning? Try the lemon and salt paste that works wonders in cleaning your favorite copper cookware. For removing the tarnish from your copper utensils take a lemon and strain out its juice completely. In a container or bowl, add a few teaspoons of lemon juice. Finally, combine salt with the juice and mix until you get a thick paste texture. Take some amount of paste in a dry and soft cloth and rub your copper utensils with the paste. When clean, rinse the cookware with warm water and polish it with a moistened soft cloth using olive oil for the shine. Let it dry in the air. For more tips on using lemon in home cleaning, check this article.

Use Ketchup for Copper Cookware Cleaning

It may sound crazy when you say copper cookware cleaning is possible with ketchup. But, the acid content present in ketchup makes it a natural stain remover from the copper utensils. The tarnished copper surface can be clean in minutes by squeezing out some ketchup on the surface. Let it remain for some time so that the acid content in it start working. Finally, take a sponge or nylon scrubber and scrub strongly. Rinse it with water and moisten a soft cloth with olive oil to polish and give a shine to your copper cookware.

A Copper Polish Mixture for Preserving and Cleaning

Copper cookware clean and shiny.

One of the best mixtures for copper cookware cleaning is the solution made with 1/2 each of powder detergent, salt, and flour. Take a glass jar and add all the ingredients in it and pour lemon juice 1/4th cup, white vinegar 3/4th cup, and 1/2 cup of water. You can store this solution in the glass jar for future use as well. When the solution is ready, take a small quantity in a nylon scrubbing pad and scrub the copper cookware. Once done, rinse it and polish it with a lint-free cloth.

It is always advised to wear gloves while copper cookware cleaning. The best ones are the cotton gloves but you may also use the rubber gloves. The copper pans and pots must always be cleaned with a soft sponge or nylon scrubbing pads. Any abrasive items like scouring powder or steel wool can spoil the finish of the copper wares. So, use the above 4 tips for copper cookware cleaning and you may also check one of our articles on how to clean burnt pots on our website.


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