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Last Minute Reinigung - guide to last minute cleaning

Even though emergency cleaning might seem intimidating, you should not get discouraged.

Probably everyone has experienced a similar situation - your place is a mess but you just remembered that you’re having guests over in a few hours. You probably don’t expect miracles at this point, yet you still want your place to look clean and presentable. Last minute cleaning requires some strategic moves, but it’s not an impossible task to do.

SPIC AND SPAN. experts, after having done extensive research, completed an easy-to-follow guide to last minute cleaning.

Do not just try to keep up the appearances

A lot of last minute cleaning advice suggests that you should focus on keeping up the appearances, and avoid trying to be too thorough and detail-oriented. While this might be true to a certain extent, at SPIC AND SPAN. we believe that when you get down to something, you should try to do it well. Perfectionism is rarely productive but resorting to negligent attitude is not a good solution either.

[caption id="attachment_1160" align="alignnone" width="700"]Last Minute Reinigung - guide to last minute cleaning It's great when you place looks tidy at the first glance, but don't let it become your only criterium[/caption]

Be realistic while trying to tackle last minute cleaning

Even though it’s better if you try do do your best, it’s simply not feasible to clean up a month’s worth of mess in 3 hours. Don't get overwhelmed and disappointed once you start your last minute cleaning, and try to systematically get the work done.

[caption id="attachment_1159" align="alignnone" width="700"]Last Minute Reinigung - guide to last minute cleaning Make sure you come up with an efficient plan before you start cleaning[/caption]

Declutter and discard

The first and the easiest step you can undertake in your last minute cleaning routine is to go around your home with a trash bag or a bin and pick up everything that can be thrown out immediately. Getting rid of all those old receipts, take away containers, and unnecessary flyers won’t take long but will instantly make a huge difference. As your next step, consider discarding items that are not straight-up trash, but still take up your space and you don’t even use them. Not only will it reduce visual clutter but also make any future cleaning routine much smoother. Always consider donating or passing down an item instead of simply trashing it.

[caption id="attachment_1158" align="alignnone" width="700"]Last Minute Reinigung - guide to last minute cleaning You're bound to discover items you no longer need while you're cleaning - consider giving them away[/caption]

Clean up the big mess first

The most messy area at your home is probably the most visible one as well, so you might want to give it some attention first. In addition, cleaning up a huge mess is quite rewarding since you immediately can see the effects of your efforts and thus you’re motivated to keep on working. One of the biggest mess and clutter magnets are countertops and tabletops - make sure that they’re cleaned out. Do not forget to dedicate some attention to the floors. Vacuuming and mopping requires some time, but a dirty floor could easily make the cleanest place appear messy.

[caption id="attachment_1162" align="alignnone" width="700"]Last Minute Reinigung - guide to last minute cleaning Everyone who enters your home sees the hallway first, so make sure it is tidy[/caption]

For professional cleaning services please check us today today. We will take care of your home like it was our own, ensuring your last minute cleaning appointment will leave you satisfied.

A clean home makes your life easier and more pleasant. Making sure your home is squeaky clean even when you have very limited time is our priority. For more articles on cleaning recommendations from our experts please check our blog regularly.

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