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How to Remove Sticker Residue and Other Adhesive Substances

The kids and the teenagers often have a passion for stickers and posters. It is one of the simplest activities you can always try to keep the kids engaged for a good amount of time. As soon as you turn your back for some other work, kids might playfully snap the stickers in areas that are not cleaned often. When you come to know and try to remove, it already becomes too late as the sticker residue and adhesive settle on those uncleaned hidden areas. Do you think it is time to learn how to remove sticker residue and other adhesive substances from the surfaces?

The teenagers also keep pasting their favorite celebrity or cartoon posters on their door, walls, cabinets, and all around their room. These stickers and posters leave behind nasty glue marks wherever removed.  Follow our guidelines and tips to remove sticker glue from various surfaces.

Remove Sticker Residue from the Clothes

Pasting stickers on your gadgets adds character to them.

You must always ensure not to let the sticky label dry or run it through the dryer. Doing so can make it harder to remove the residue. In case of the clothes, you need to check what fabric they are made of and consult the tag for specific washing instructions. You must understand what kind of wash or detergent you should use for that particular piece of clothing. You may use a stain remover but prior to using ensure it is not too strong when dealing with delicate fabric. Make sure you wash the clothes below 40 degrees so that the sticker residue doesn’t set in. To remove sticker residue from the clothes, you may also blot rubbing alcohol on the residue and give them a normal wash.

Remove Sticker Residue from Metal, Wood, and Plastic

It can be tricky to remove sticker residue from metal, wood, and plastic in case you are not aware of the safest method. Chemical agents can be harmful and damage these materials. Abrasives can make a dent on them. To remove sticker glue from plastic or metal, apply vegetable oil and leave it for a few hours to soak. Take a hair dryer and set it on the warm mode and use it to soften the sticker residue and wipe it. Once done, dampen a clean cloth with hot soapy water and give it a final clean

Remove Sticker Residue from the Walls

Butterfly wall decal makes the wall appear colorful.

The use of vinyl stickers has become very common in recent times. But, if you wish to remove them from the wall, what should you do? You must remove as much of the sticker residue as possible manually. Then, take a pencil eraser and rub away the remaining residue. Dampen a cloth with hot soapy water and get the wall completely cleaned.

Remove Sticker Labels from Jars

Jar stickers leave ugly glue mark.

The glass jars are really useful things at home to keep various small objects and also use as flower vases. But, the sticky label on them can be a reason of concern as when you try to remove, it can leave an ugly mark. In order to remove sticker residue, dip the jar into a bowl or bucket of hot soapy water. Leave it for around an hour to soak and when you return, the glue must have softened and the label slides down easily. If the residue persists, scrub the glass jar with a microfiber cloth dampening it in some amount of vinegar. You may also check other creative vinegar uses on our blog.

The gummy sticky residues are not just unpleasant to touch but also unattractive to look at. It has the bad habit to gather dust, hair, dirt and all that floats past it. If you want to remove sticker residue easily, check out the above tips that are easy as well as effective.


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