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How to remove cat urine smell and useful tips to prevent it

Noticing one day that your cat has urinated in an unwanted place is not the best feeling in the world, but still, you can’t blame it. There are a couple of reasons that may have caused that. In this article, you will find out what are the possible causes of such behavior, how to prevent it and, of course, how to get rid of that unpleasant ammonia-like smell. I hope you got to read this article ASAP as the more you wait, the harder will it be for you to cope with the small.

Possible reasons your cat is urinating in random places

  • The first thing you will need to check is the medical condition of your cat, for which of course you will need to bring it to the vet. According to petmd, the most common causes are tract infections, kidney disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and feline lower urinary tract disease. Diseases like urinary tract infections can be fatal, so the best thing is to consult with your veterinarian as soon as possible.
  • Another reason is that your cat might not be sufficiently used to the litter, especially true for kittens. A good solution for this would be to have additional litter boxes in your house and re-fill the box more often. In the case of older cats, they can have arthritis and can’t access the litter if it is too high or they have to walk the stairs to get to it.
  • You have a dog or other type of pet that may scare or disturb your cat. Cats perceive the litter box as a shelter and are sensible during the process of urination or defecation. A solution would be to train your dog to not interfere or if you have other types of pets, think of ways you can solve it, there is no right answer for it.
  • Your cat is not neutered. Male cats spray to mark their territory and females to let male cats know they are ready to mate. An obvious solution would be to castrate your cat as early as possible to make the process less painful.

Tips to remove your cat urine smell

Cat urine smell can impregnate very deep into the surface, thing especially true for textile surfaces like carpets, sofas or clothes. Sometimes the best solution is to get rid of articles such as carpets as if you waited a couple of days, this time is enough for the urine to permeate the pad. Another solution is to change your carpet pad in case the carpet is expensive. If you are more into DIY and don’t want to spend money on the above-mentioned solutions, below are some actionable tips you can try right away.

Get rid of as much urine as possible

The first step which is also the most important one is to get rid of as much urine as possible to avoid stains and persistent odor. The good news it is highly likely that you have most of the things needed at your home. If there is still a puddle, use some absorbent paper to soak up as much as possible. This way you will have fewer headaches and will be much easier to deal with it later in the process. If it is on clothing or bed sheets, wash them or try to dry-clean them ASAP, the odor is much more persistent on fabric.

Below are some DIY solvents you can use:

  • Vinegar and water: Vinegar is one of the most versatile DIY cleaning solutions you can use at your home. It is useful for getting rid of cat urine smell by neutralizing the bacteria it forms. Mix the vinegar with water at the usual ratio of 1:1, pour or spray it on the problematic surface and then clean it with an old towel or paper.
  • Baking soda: another universal DIY home solution is baking soda, it is amazing at soaking odors. You can pour it on the surface, but it should be dry in order not to trigger any reactions. Let it stay for about half an hour and then vacuum it, but don’t overdo do it, because even with a very good vacuum, it is close to impossible to remove it all.
  • Hydrogen-peroxide: This is a good solution because it is an oxidant that neutralizes ammonia coming from cat urine, which is the main cause of the bad smell. Pour the solution and then wait for about 5 minutes, note that it may cause discoloration of the area, so test it on a small area before.

Besides that, there is a more expensive but efficient way. You can buy enzyme-based cleaning solvents that are also eco-friendly. You can usually find those at any pet store. The reason they are so useful is that those enzymes react with the acid in cat urine and neutralize it.

Warning! Do not use any ammonia-based solvents as it makes things worse. Ammonia is a component of cat urine and will even make your pet to pee there more often. In addition you can check our article on what cleaning products you should never mix.

Use a dry vacuum cleaner

Those vacuum use clean water on the surface then suck it back into the tank. This method is mostly used for carpets and sofas. Be aware not to use any steam vacuum cleaners as those can make the stain more visible because of heat.

Use dog-training urine pads

Use those in the problematic areas and also underneath the litter box, as your cat might sometimes pee right outside the box. This will not only protect your floor or carpet from the unpleasant smell but will make the area more enjoyable for the cat.

By using the above-mentioned methods, you can already see the effects. If there are any other tips you found and want to share them with us. Please feel free to comment down below.

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