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How to Organize Your Home Recycling Center Perfectly

Nowadays, recycling programs are more or less mandated. This is especially true in Germany. Sadly, your recycling is not always collected instantly. There’s a certain frequency to pick the home recycling depending on where you are located. You may need to accumulate your recyclable items and store them for a week or more. Do you know how to organize your home recycling center? Whether bottles and cans overrunning at home or garbage bin overflowing, organizing your recycling center becomes vital. Let’s learn how you can do your bit for Mother Earth and still maintain a neat and clean home by setting and organizing recycling bins.

Search for the Best Place to Organize Your Home Recycling Center

A man holding items to recycle.

Usually, the kitchen is considered the best place to keep the bins as most of the recycled items are from your kitchen. Conversely, if the pickup is scheduled after 2 or 3 weeks, a good amount of recyclables are piled up. You may feel that ragged or dullness also has its own charm in home décor but not at the cost of foul smell or untidy surroundings. So, it is always better to keep a small trash can or milk crate under the kitchen sink area. As soon as it is full, store it in the mudroom, laundry room or garage. You may also empty the trash in larger bins provided throughout the city - for example, next to schools or sports facilities.

Systematize the Process to Organize Your Home Recycling Center

While you organize your home recycling center, a few factors must be taken into account. Firstly, know your area better and find out the type of recycling offered in that particular locality. Do you have permission to recycle all the items altogether in one trashcan? Often called single-stream recycling, such process is easier as you can combine all without thinking “did I make any mistake?” In the case of the multi-stream recycling process, you need to separate each item like glass, plastic, cardboard, paper separately and throw each in different bins. Irrespective of the type of recycling, you must make sure to clean and wash the trashcans prior to placing them back in the container. Unclean containers attract a lot of nasty odors and bugs.

Are you wondering how to organize your home recycling center when it comes to toilet paper tubes and old milk jugs? You may follow the tips below for both stream of recycling:

  1. Recycle in the wicker baskets that can make a style statement at home and also maintain uncluttered vibe. It will also be easier to carry your recyclables.
  2. The tiered bins with wheels are a great option to stash things in the kitchen pantry and easily transport it on the pick-up day.
  3. Use colorful totes or decorative biodegradable grocery bags to hang recycled items. It will add a dash of color to your laundry room or mudroom.
  4. You can paint as a DIY project on the metal trashcans or buy a painted can that comes with a cover to store the kitchen wastes. It looks attractive and also solves your purpose.

Understand How to Recycle Things

A box filled with plastic items for recycling.

When you organize your home recycling center, one of the most important things to know is the items that your town or city allows recycling. With Germany producing 30 million tons of garbage per year, you can more or less recycle each and everything. Separate colors are assigned for different varieties of recyclables. So, you must organize your home recycling center accordingly to avoid any confusion. There are also a few items like cigarettes, diapers, etc. that are non-recyclable. You must ensure to keep it separately. You may check an article on recycling in Germany to understand the concept better on our blog. Always check your city’s website or dial their number to get all the general info. Also, get the information about your area’s recycling provider to know the list of items that they allow you to recycle.


You cannot completely avoid the use of disposable products but you can definitely keep a check on the number of the single-use product you bring into your home. This will help you to organize your home recycling center and reduce the recycling items in the bin on a regular basis. So, keep your calm and try more organizational and functional ideas to keep your home tidy.

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