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How To Clean Ventilation Hood - A Guide To Exhaust Hood Cleaning

A well-functioning ventilation hood is a vital part of every kitchen. Do you wish to keep the grease and other particles out of your kitchen? The vent hood sucks away the smoke and the persistent odors, keeping your kitchen fresh and clean. If you wish to keep your ventilation hood’s performance at the peak, periodical maintenance and cleaning of the exhaust hood is mandatory. It cannot be ignored at any cost. Vent hood cleaning increases the longevity and best functioning of the appliance. Do you know how to clean the ventilation hood? Here is a guide to exhaust hood cleaning for your assistance.

Analyzing the Problem of Ventilation Hood

Firstly, analyze the problem you are facing with your range hood. The wear and tear of the vent hood with regular usage or piled up grease is a common problem. Other than how to clean a ventilation hood, you must be aware when your vent hood requires maintenance. Some of the situation to keep a note of are:

  • The machine is in high mode but your kitchen is smoky- It is possible when the vent hood ducts get blocked with grease. It may also occur when the motor is worn out or the air filter needs replacement or cleaning.
  • The Loud noise of the motor- Does your vent hood motor produce a loud humming sound? It may be due to any object obstructing or rubbing against the motor or requires being replaced.
  • Switches and lights not working- It may be some electrical issue and needs help from experts.

How to Clean Ventilation Hood Filter

Do you know how to clean the ventilation hood filter? The vent hood filter draws the smoke and particles from the air to recirculate or vent it out of your kitchen. The filter is of two kinds that are metal and charcoal filters. You may easily remove or replace both charcoal and metal filter. Both the filters can be removed and placed in a container filled with a degreasing solution. It must entirely cover the filter. No sooner the grease dissolves, soapy warm water is used to wash it thoroughly. It is then dried completely before placing it back in the vent hood. According to the condition and wear and tear of the exhaust hood, you may replace it annually or when required.

Cleaning the Outer Part of the Ventilation Hood

Cleaning the outer part of the ventilation hood is relatively simple. Use any degreaser or household spray for cleaning but before that, ensure that your stovetop is cool and is turned off. People must make sure that the vent hood is not turned on. Spray it strictly in the outer area of the exhaust hood. It must not come in contact with any electrical components. You should also keep a note that the spray used is a non-abrasive one.

Fan Clean-up and Motor Replacement

Although fan motor is quite durable, many times it is exposed to extreme grease and humidity. The motor starts functioning poorly. Mostly, the blower wheel collects the grease and dirt, which can be removed and cleaned with the degreaser. If cleaning doesn’t bring in desired results, the fan motor must be replaced.

How to Clean Ventilation Hood Vent 

Leading from the hood to the outer area, your vent must be inspected thoroughly on a daily basis. The grease might get piled up in the vent, damaging the functions of the machine and also cause risk of fire. If your vent is continuously blocked by the clogged grease, take help of the professionals.

Prevention is Better than Cure

How to clean ventilation hood

To increase the longevity of the ventilation hood, the fan blades must be cleaned occasionally. It can avert grease, dirt, and other particles from piling up. It also helps in avoiding the extra pressure on the motor and avoid overheating. Water and ammonia solution can be used to clean up the highly greased external metal area of the ventilation hood. Clean the filter on a regular basis and ensure an unrestricted airflow, free from grease.


Maintain proper hygiene in the kitchen to keep your loved ones healthy and happy. The ventilation hood is also a part of the kitchen which requires proper care and occasional cleaning. It helps in avoiding unforeseen circumstances like fire or a house filled with the foul odor. Follow the above tips or stay tuned to know more about how to clean the ventilation hood and keep it in fine working condition.

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